Download Wed To The Alien Gladiator [PDF] By January Bell

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Wed To The Alien Gladiator book pdf download for free or read online, also Wed To The Alien Gladiator pdf was written by January Bell.

BookWed To The Alien Gladiator
AuthorJanuary Bell
Size850 KB

Wed To The Alien Gladiator Book PDF download for free

Wed To The Alien Gladiator Book PDF download for free

Things got better between us… that is, until he had the bright idea to kidnap me.

I never thought he would be tricked into an arranged marriage with an alien warlord. Still, it was easy enough to keep my former gladiator husband at arm’s length. But as soon as my translator starts working, the giant Himbo decides that he’s tired of waiting and kidnaps me.

I wake up in a quaint seaside town and the tall baby is very happy to tell me that this is all part of his plan to give us time to fall in love. Interestingly, when I told her that I love historical mysteries, it turned out that she was listening to me, because she led me to the unsolved mystery of Sueva: a once prosperous city, where all the residents disappeared without a trace.

My overthinking brain is too easily drawn into the riddle, and maybe even Alvez’s idea. Except… the reason the villagers disappeared? It’s really not stuck in the past and also we’re in trouble. If Alvez and I want to avoid the same fate, we have to trust each other… and I have to stop analyzing my feelings for him.

Wed To The Alien Gladiator Pdf Download

Michelle is a remarkable woman and I loved her so much! She is one of the Federation’s top analysts. And ever since Roth’s invasion, she’s had anxiety issues and panic attacks. Michelle is so strong and brave to face them every day and especially now, in Sueva. I further admired her brilliant analytical mind and her ferocity. She is absolutely amazing!

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And then we have Michelle’s husband, Alvez, the scarred gladiator! He is a strong, fiercely protective and dangerous warlord. But there’s a lot more to him than just his scary appearance. Alvez is also very patient, supportive, calm and considerate. I loved the endearing golden retriever energy of him. And I couldn’t help but love everything about this absolutely irresistible man! Really, Alvez is the complete package of Book Boyfriend excellence!

I absolutely loved everything that happened between Alvez and Michelle. Of course, the best way to win over her reluctant wife is to kidnap her. Just ask our favorite chaos queen! And Alvez followed all the instructions of the monstrous romance to the last detail. This spectacular man not only sees her wife’s problems, but he is willing to do anything to improve her. He absolutely adored him for being so considerate, patient, and supportive of her.

Alvez is exactly what Michelle needs and I loved how well they fit together. What’s more, a bit of misunderstanding and innuendo led to some spectacular gags and gags that had me laughing out loud. The oversized alien and the tiny carnivorous flower of him made such an amazing team and when they finally gave in to each other’s undeniable need for him, the passionate moments they shared were torrid and I couldn’t get enough of any of them! Honestly, these Sueva warlords definitely know how to make a woman feel good and special!

Also, the story was phenomenal! Not only do we have to solve an ancient riddle, but we also get an amazing, intelligent and absolutely adorable alien skunk dog. And the Roths are preparing for an invasion and they’re all on high alert. With all the suspense, danger, and unexpected turns of events, I was glued to the pages until the very end.

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Overall, the story is another notable addition to the series! Wed To The Alien Gladiator is filled with excitement, adventure, danger, twists, humor, ancient mysteries, scorching romance, and phenomenal characters.

I could barely put it down and loved every page!
And I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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