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What They Saw book pdf download for free or read online, also What They Saw pdf was written by M.M. Chouinard.

BookWhat They Saw
AuthorM.M. Chouinard
Size446 KB

What They Saw Book PDF download for free

What They Saw Book PDF download for free

When Sandra Ashville is found murdered in a sleepy town near Oakhurst, Detective Jo Fournier is first on the scene. Jo is shocked by the similarities between her and the dead assistant district attorney, a dedicated woman with a heart for justice. And as she examines Sandra’s body, Jo discovers something that chills her to the bone: the bullet hole is covered by an intact bandage. Why was even Sandra just blindfolded after her death?

The next morning, Jo receives a shocking phone call. A judge was brutally murdered before she too was blindfolded. It quickly becomes clear that the twisted serial killer is working off a deadly countdown: another body is found every morning.

Working around the clock, Jo makes a major breakthrough: all victims are connected to the same murder trial. And Jo’s dear friend and business partner, Bob Arnett, could be next…

As the next morning approaches, Jo and her team do everything they can to catch the killer. But when she discovers a taint of corruption involving Bob, Jo is faced with an impossible choice. Can you trust your partner when the evidence points to them turning a blind eye to a major miscarriage? And as the body count mounts, can Jo catch the killer before it’s too late for her oldest friend?

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What They Saw Pdf Download

What They Saw is the first Detective Jo Fournier book I have read and I was excited to start it. Even though I was part of a series, I had no problem getting straight into the story or understanding the relationships between the characters. The book was well written and comprehensive, with a few subplots playing out behind the main story. Jo has a boyfriend Matt who is moving in with her and I have to say I would love to come home to a man who will cook for me and always have a bottle of wine ready. happy girl.

I won’t say too much about the overall plot here to avoid spoilers, but I also enjoyed Ms. Chouinard’s explanation at the end of why she wanted to tackle this particular topic and type of research. What I learned there opened my eyes.

An ADA is murdered in cold blood in her own backyard, which definitely stirs up a hornet’s nest, but that nest grows bigger by the second when 24 hours later a judge is also brutally murdered. Detective Jo Fournier and Detective Bob Arnett know the two murders are connected because the killer blindfolded each woman after her death. As they investigate and try to figure out why the killer blindfolded the victims, more questions arise, including possible corruption in the arms of the judiciary.

There’s a ruthless killer out for revenge, and that killer ticks off a list of people credited with that killer’s self-righteousness. There is great fear as to who will be next. This book lists all the great things that a great crime thriller needs to make interesting: murder, a vicious killer, potential corruption, enough self-doubt to question each character and who the killer might be, revenge, and sheer fear of the unknown. M.M. Chouinard is an excellent author who knows how to write a police case so full of suspense and mystery that you won’t be able to sleep until you finish the book.

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Sleep is overrated anyway! After reading all the books in this series I feel like I know the characters personally. This book and this entire series is addictive. Just when I think she can’t get over herself, she throws a new book straight into my heart! Find a comfortable seat when you start because you won’t get up until you’re done!

Entertaining and twisted, with really nice characters. I really enjoyed the depth of What They Saw story from multiple perspectives. I loved seeing Jo’s reactions to her boyfriend moving out and having to work with her feelings around this change. As brutal as the murders were (and the developing backstory behind them), there are many interesting topics of conversation about individual motivations, the justice system, law enforcement, and laws in general. The secret wasn’t entirely obvious, which made for an entertaining read. The book was well written and entertaining! I look forward to reading more in the series.

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