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Where Waves Break book pdf download for free or read online, also Where Waves Break pdf was written by Julia Wolf.

BookWhere Waves Break
AuthorJulia Wolf
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Where Waves Break Book PDF download for free

Where Waves Break Book PDF download for free

Where Waves Break is the story of a wonderful family and woman coming together. The main characters Diego and June feel so real as if they are! Her love story may be one of my favorite stories Julia has ever written and I am so in love with the development of her story! You MUST run, not walk, to read this! You will not regret it!

Where Waves Break is the fourth book in Julia Wolf’s rock star romance The Seasons Change. Diego’s book was a long time in the making since we first heard about him in another of his series, and I, for one, wanted to know all about the former Unrequited drummer and the wild little brother of Santiago Garza.

There was a lot to unravel in this guy’s tumultuous backstory, and I was shocked to discover that behind his dour exterior was a secret sexy spice. I loved that Julia went there with Diego and then let that side of him come out and play. Give me give me give me!

Where Waves Break Pdf Download

Diego is older now, wiser and much more careful with his heart; Above all, he is the father of a young and precocious son who lights up his whole world. He has a passion for working on cars in his father’s workshop but can still be persuaded to play the drums when the right opportunity arises. She is about to go on tour with the band The Seasons Change but she needs a babysitter to take care of her 4 year old son. Lead singer Iris comes to the rescue by offering her highly qualified younger sister June for the job.

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Sweet and sunny June Adler tries to see the bright side of everything. You escape a life you hate, escape a bad situation by taking a risk in this job. Her new boss was and still is her secret crush, but this cranky man has no idea he’s met her before. Not yet! They hit each other like thunder and lightning from the start: their differences are so obvious and against their better judgment that he finds himself attracted to this beautiful, kind woman.

He’s a caring dad who can’t deny that June could be the best thing that ever happened to his son, so this short babysitting job turns into a summer job. Let the fun begin as you step away from everything you know and into the home of the man you will never forget with a mischievous sweetheart you’ve already fallen in love with.

Where Waves Break mixes so many of my favorite romance tropes so well: the rock star was on top of course… the age gap, opposites attract and a super hot single dad with a side that’s hot and spicy from woweeeee. Add forced closeness, amazingly connected characters from this author’s world, great story and I was totally into it.

A big highlight for me was the sweet, hilarious Camilo-Diego, upbeat, smart as a whip and an intuitive little show-stealer. He became a delightful addition to June’s life, as did Diego’s entire family. I stood by June as she struggled to control her own destiny and those brilliant moments as she searched for what would make her happiest in life, career and love.

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There were some forks in their journey and differences so big they could be deal breakers, so it was all the more moving to see Julie Wolf finally bring it all together. I’m not sure what’s next for one of my favorite authors, but I know I’ll be here waiting for what’s next.

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