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Wolfhunter River book pdf download for free or read online, also Wolfhunter River pdf was written by Rachel Caine.

BookWolfhunter River
AuthorRachel Caine
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Wolfhunter River Book PDF download for free

Wolfhunter River Book PDF download for free

With her serial killer’s ex-husband finally dead, Gwen Proctor tries to move on and build some semblance of a normal life for herself and her children. For Melvin Royal’s family, however, there will always be those who feel guilty by association…and those for other reasons who are trying to get the help they think Gwen could provide.

Marlene Crockett is one of those people who asks Gwen for help, fearing for her safety and that of her daughter. However, when Gwen arrives in the small town of Wolfhunter River, Marlene is already dead and her daughter Vee is accused of murder.

Wolfhunter River Pdf Download

Sam’s background is explored a bit more in this book than in the previous two, and we find out that he’s not just the “wrong part” as the victim’s brother. He was an active participant in online bullies determined to destroy Gwen, and one of the other members of the group comes to the fore here, angry at Sam’s “betrayal” and determined to stop at nothing. Ultimately, though, it detracts from the true horrors here, as Gwen discovers not only a dangerous cult, but also a solo haunted house where young women are serially abused.

A truly intriguing continuation of the series, Wolfhunter River marks a shift from Gwen’s personal problems to solving other cases of her own. Gwen’s past still factors into everything, of course it’s obvious she’ll never be rid of it, but she’s also uniquely equipped to handle cases that just can’t be solved any other way.

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I don’t think you can go in and read this book without reading the other two, as Gwen’s past dictates a lot of the events here. But if you haven’t read them, you’re missing them, so she goes back to the beginning, starting with Stillhouse Lake…and enjoy.

When Gwen Proctor received a call from a woman asking for help but without giving a reason, Gwen thought it was just another one of those calls. But when the woman’s daughter called a few days later to say her mother was dead and she was being hunted, Gwen knew she had to help her. Sam, Lanny and Connor went with her to Wolfhunter and it was one of the worst decisions Gwen had ever made.

Vee, fifteen, had already been arrested for the murder of her mother when she arrived at Wolfhunter. Gwen could see that no one believed her, or better yet, they thought that Vee might be the “scapegoat” for this murder. And when Sam and Connor found a body in the woods near the river, Sam was also suddenly arrested, and Connor’s testimony was skewed in her favor.

With a town full of rednecks and crooked cops hell-bent on taking the life of Gwen and her family, Gwen fought for her life. could they survive? And what about Wolfhunter, remote, isolated, surrounded by bushes, and its inhabitants?

Wolfhunter River is the third installment in Rachel Caine’s Stillhouse Lake series and I absolutely loved it! Intense, terrifying, brutal and twisted, the pages speed up with barely a stop! How much longer can this poor family fight, hide and be harassed? Great characters with an extreme plot, Wolfhunter River is one that I highly recommend. I’m already looking forward to number 4!

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