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3 Count book pdf download for free or read online, also 3 Count pdf was written by Nikki Castle.

Book3 Count
AuthorNikki Castle
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3 Count Book PDF download for free

3 Count Book PDF download for free

A charming womanizer that everyone loves.
A badass photojournalist who sees every day as a new adventure.
A relationship of friends with benefits.

When Aiden and Dani meet on their college campus, their playful banter and physical chemistry are immediately drawn to each other. A nice chance encounter can easily turn into a serious date and some kind of relationship develop between them. Because neither of them is interested in anything serious.

Over time, their physical relationship develops into a true friendship. It doesn’t take long before they’re texting for no reason, meeting friends, and spending nights together that don’t end between the sheets. But the closer they get, the more their fear of relationships becomes a stumbling block between them.

As Aiden struggles to reconcile his feelings for Dani with his longstanding fear of abandonment, Dani is forced to reconsider her past and her reasons for not wanting to get close to anyone.

Will Aiden and Dani overcome their relationship fears and fall in love? Or will her mistrust of love keep her from her happy ending?

Scroll up to dive into the world of Philly MMA today!

3 Count features strong language and explicit sex scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

3 Count Pdf Download

3 Count is the 3 book in the Fight Game series by Nikki Castle. This is a sports romance series focused on MMA fights and I loved everything Nikki wrote! This is a friends romance with benefits and it was a really fun time.

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I loved the first time Aiden and Dani met. Aiden is on his college campus when he sees Dani, a photographer, taking pictures. He is immediately attracted and somewhat impressed by Dani with her confidence and photography skills. He strikes up a conversation with her and Dani ends up guiding him through some restricted areas of campus and they even get chased by campus security at one point.

They hide in a pantry together and it’s getting hot fast! ? Right after that, Dani runs away and Aiden wants more. She can’t get him out of her head and is overjoyed when they meet again a few days later. So your friends start with the winning situation and boy does it offer both steam and fun!

Aiden is an MMA fighter and trains at the same gym that appears in the series. We have performances from the previous couples: Tristan & Remy and Jax & Hailey. I really enjoyed watching Aiden and Dani’s friendship and relationship grow throughout the book. Dani is anti-relationship, loves her spontaneous and adventurous life and is convinced that relationships force couples to make personal sacrifices.

I thought it was really funny to see Dani calling herself ‘dad’ in their relationship and seeing Aiden wanting more at first, so cool! I missed more of the MMA fights and training that we got in the first two books, we don’t see much of that, but Aiden has his first pro fight later in the book. The steam and chemistry is delivered: we’ve got tons of connections, some pool table action, fun lyrics and nicknames, and a torrid MFM scene I haven’t finished yet! ?

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