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Purity book pdf download for free or read online, also Purity pdf was written by Skyler Mason.

Skyler is primarily a reader of romance novels. Her books feature strong heroines who sometimes make their heroes cry, but only because they deserve it. If romance isn’t heartbreaking, is it worth it?

AuthorSkyler Mason
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Purity Book PDF download for free

Purity Book PDF download for free

What happens when a shy Virgo raised in the purity culture asks her beautiful gamer BFF to take her V card?

Suitable for ages 18+.

Purity Book Pdf Download

This was so beautiful that I couldn’t stop smiling the entire time, well, except for a few moments where my heart literally broke and I cried uncontrollably. This story is so full of emotion, passion, drama and heartbreak that it just burst out of the pages and touched me. It was an unforgettable journey.

This story also brought back so many memories of a young woman growing up in a strict religion like Livvy, where too much emphasis was placed on young women staying pure until marriage. I felt everything Livvy was going through while I was going through it too. I laughed with her and cried with her. Sometimes he wished he’d been as brave as she was.

Cole and Livvy were totally perfect for each other. And their friendship was really nice. I loved watching them realize how much they really meant to each other. But Cole would definitely need a lot of convincing to see how perfect they could really be.

Beautifully written story with such amazing characters and with a story that was relatable, entertaining and funny. I truly loved every second of this story and i never wanted it to end.

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Purity might be controversial for some, depending on your religious beliefs. Skyler does a fantastic job of separating religion from purity culture when it comes to the character’s beliefs. (Livvy believes that the culture of purity is toxic, but the religion itself is not portrayed in a negative light.)

Growing up myself, I found Livvy to be a likable character, and I could definitely relate to many of her thoughts and decisions.

After deciding that she doesn’t want to be part of the purity culture anymore, Livvy decides to rebel and gives herself a list of things she needs to do before summer is over. She asks her best friend to help her and they end up going through a lot together.

I agree with another reviewer that he could have done more…there’s a small scene with his father, but (if I’m not forgetting) the mother never shows up. It would have been nice to see a bit more argument/understanding with the parents along with why Livvy changed her mind about her beliefs.

That minor complaint aside, I enjoyed reading this and would happily recommend it. Be sure to check out the available bonus epilogue!


First of all I think the list is a very fun and funny idea. I’m a list maker myself and after seeing what was on the main character’s to-do list I decided to create my own list with slightly different categories. It is true that I am reading this book as a form of therapy and desensitization, in keeping with my own tradition. I have more underlying issues with purity culture, but not in a family that has enforced it as (Lutheran/Episcopal) law.

I appreciated the fact that it really addressed the realities of anxiety and fear surrounding sex. I, too, am totally afraid of things that are unknown and vulnerable, and I really felt seen. The terrifying fear of ruining your life by performing actions that are frankly normal and expected of people your age, but you have restricted your identity so much to being perfect and pure that you are not moving on to the next phase of life can pass.

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I appreciate the twist of mirroring the male lead with his father. It’s good for him to accept the fact that he’s treating the female lead really unfairly and being possessive in a way that’s not sexy but rather unhealthy. The male protagonist really should have therapy before pursuing a relationship, but that would make the book boring.

The strongest part of the book is when they get hot and heavy. The male lead is caring and attentive and definitely thinks he’s a lot naughtier than he really is. The book really captures how sprains and trauma work together, and honestly, it was very cathartic for me to acknowledge that I’m not alone when it comes to how my trauma affects my sexual preferences.

It’s really nice to have a description of what it’s like to want sex when the whole thing is so covered in taboo and shame from multiple directions for the main character and I. It kind of gives me my own framework and sets expectations for what’s going to happen. Knowing that trauma, a sprain, and a healthy relationship can coexist is very comforting, and it’s helpful to have a description of what those first steps might look like.

The book’s major downfall is that it gets a bit clumsy when it comes to distinguishing the culture of purity from Christianity as a whole. While there is much to be said about the connections between purity culture and culture in general, I understand why it has been repeated so many times that the main character was still a devout Christian. I’m not the right audience.

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For the next book I think it would be interesting to have a little more indictment of evangelism as a whole. It felt like inching my way up and dipping my toe in the water, but I was a little too shy to go out and do it, which is totally understandable. There’s a portrayal of the main character’s father becoming abusive and controlling, and it pays off with the main character comforting his own father, which is gross and still an absolute violation of sane boundaries.

The abuse scene is a bit overtold and downplays the realities of purity culture, and I’d be interested in a book that exposes it without apologies. Maybe he just has a mental illness, but the main character was so calm and collected that I really wished he’d have a nervous breakdown at some point. Let them lose control of themselves and their grudges, you know? Make her lose her faith if she wants to go there.

Overall, it’s good at the overcoming trauma and draws a lot from how it handles the main character’s reactions to the actual sex act. A lot of the underlying issues with the families end up not being addressed in the way that I’m not sure the author perceives as problems, but that’s the honest for family life I guess. It’s decently well structured, and while it could have used a little more complication outside of the romance in Act Two, it’s quite satisfying.

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