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A Crown of Starlight book pdf download for free or read online, also A Crown of Starlight pdf was written by Linsey Hall.

Before becoming a writer, Linsey was an archaeologist, studying shipwrecks in all kinds of waters, from the tropics to muddy rivers (and she has a clear fondness for one over the other). After a decade of stumbling around looking for old things, she’s started writing her own adventure novels and she’s thrilled that people seem to like them. Because life is better with a little (or a lot) magic, she writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

BookA Crown of Starlight ( Court Of Starlight And Darkness Book 3 )
AuthorLinsey Hall
Size250 KB Epub

A Crown of Starlight Book PDF download for free

A Crown of Starlight Book PDF download for free

The crown I never ever wanted could save me…

Well, I’m locked up in jail and I’ve lost my magic. Not what I expected, to say the least. To top it off, my husband locked me in here. “Have and hold” doesn’t necessarily apply when you’re the king and queen of a fairy court.

A chance for freedom comes when our kingdom is attacked by an ancient enemy. Lore sets me free to help defeat the evil that is devouring our kingdom, but it will be a dangerous fight.

My only chance is to get my magic back, but that’s easier to said than to done.

As Lore and I are forced to work together, the passion that surges between us is impossible to ignore. Our marriage is a sham, but that doesn’t matter when we’re stuck in a confined space. With everything at stake, it will take everything I have to survive.

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A Crown of Starlight is the exciting conclusion to the Court of Starlight and Darkness series.

A Crown of Starlight Book Pdf Download

Accepting her new reality despite all the danger that surrounded her, Sia was determined to fight for Lore, her people, and part of her empire. Still struggling with guilt and her feelings and emotions for Sia, Lore learned that just as we sometimes think we can’t be honest, we can also live deluded and blind to what lies ahead. The dark magic that haunted her came to light and the truth came to light.

I loved the interesting and very entertaining twists of the story with the protagonists fighting against the forces of evil, their strong emotions and what they consider to be their duty. The attraction between Sia and Lore was strong and made him open up to new situations. Action, adventure, magic, suspense, detailed and exciting combat, romance and passion.

I am no longer afraid of the last book in this author’s series because I know something wonderful and new will come to her mind next, so I was looking forward to diving into the finale of this series. Like almost all the books I’ve read by this author, this one is full of action and adventure. I admit I haven’t gotten too used to the tradition, but I love that not all of this author’s characters are the same.

He loved Sia in part because she was full of emotion, strength, and determination. Even when Lore tried to push her away, he had none of it. Great book full of action, romance and adventure. Recommend.

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Vusurio’s evil plan cursed the king and attempted to take over the kingdom from him as an act of revenge. During his journey, King Lore realized that he didn’t want his queen to leave his kingdom after she saved his kingdom. He loved growing trees and creating thrones for her along with the Queen who still used the Starlight Crown created during the final battle to increase her power to heal the land. Thanks for another great book Linsey.

It was a good ending to the trilogy. The story ends well enough, but still leaves hints of a possible backstory for the supporting characters. So I wonder if there will be a new series with the MC’s best friends.

This part is not as strong as the previous two, it definitely feels like a conclusion to the story where some parts could perhaps be fleshed out a bit. Especially if they were major plot points that set the whole story in motion. But that could also just be a hint that the story isn’t about those points anymore and the character has grown, so it’s kept short and sweet.

Overall it was a good read and a quick read when you have a bit of time to sit down with a book and relax. Neither too long nor too short.

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