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A Pumpkin And A Patch book pdf download for free or read online, also A Pumpkin And A Patch pdf was written by Jennifer Peel.

Jennifer Peel is a USA Today bestselling author who didn’t grow up wanting to be a writer but instead aspired to something more realistic, such as becoming the first woman President. When that didn’t work out, she started writing shortly before her fortieth birthday.

BookA Pumpkin And A Patch
AuthorJennifer Peel
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A Pumpkin And A Patch Book PDF download for free

A Pumpkin And A Patch Book PDF download for free

Every human has what they’re known for, and no matter what you do, that thing, good or bad, follows you like a bloodhound for the rest of your life. For me it’s a story I wrote when I was just 15. I will always be known as Reece the Rogue Pirate Girl instead of Josie Peterson. Why couldn’t he be known for all the cute kids stories I wrote about my family’s pumpkin patch?

Tragically, the steamy story I wrote as a teenager was based on a real person, Reece Cavanaugh. And guess what? He grew up a pirate, okay, lawyer. The same. To make matters worse, the man is representing my ex-fiancée, who wants to steal my treasure aka engagement ring.

If like that wasn’t the icing on the cake, Reece has a very adorable daughter who happens to be my new student. That’s right, now I need to have real conversations with him after avoiding him for half my life, even hiding behind banana displays if necessary. But the more I get to know Reece, the real version, not the imaginary one, that ties me to sandy beaches, I can’t help but wish we could shoot in the sand together.

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There is a problem though, the school I work for frowns on parent-teacher relationships. And it’s pumpkin season, which means I spend all my free time on the family farm. But when he kisses me, I can’t help but break all the rules and get tangled up in the barn. The burning question is, am I brave enough to make my story come true, or will there be another bad ending?

A Pumpkin And A Patch Book Pdf Download

Brimming with scintillating charisma and effortless emotional sincerity, A Pumpkin and A Patch also shone with genuine charm. Josie and Reese captured my heart from the first page to the last – I was completely enchanted. Heart, humor and all the sweetness – a new favorite from Jennifer Peel!

This story is very moving and uplifting. This single father-teacher relationship was absolutely captivating and indecipherable. Josie and Reese have a long history together as they went to school together. However, Josie is haunted by a pirate love story she wrote with Reese when she was fifteen. Fast forward fifteen years later when they meet again and Josie becomes Reese’s daughter’s teacher… with hilarious consequences!

It’s a fun scenario and it’s super cute as Reese’s daughter falls in love with Josie right away. Josie and Reese are wonderful together, with great chemistry and so much history that it makes for a beautiful romance. They faced some difficulties, but eventually they learned to love without fear or worry. And that’s what I love most about this story. Jennifer Peel showed how important it is to close the past in order to fully enjoy the present and the future. She set a beautiful example that when you can’t deal with your feelings on your own, there’s no shame in seeking help.

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I loved everything about this story. He loved Josie, he loved Reese, he loved them both together, and their daughter was an adorable little show-stealer. A little bittersweet, very colorful, Josie and Reese’s love story was one I devoured in a day. I couldn’t get enough of this story and these characters. This story was funny, emotional and very addicting. I loved!

With a little touch of a hand, this book captured my heart and soul! I loved this book. It’s full of daring, funny and more than dazzling moments. And in true Jennifer Peel style, it’s relatable and made me feel all the feelings! The butterflies literally wreaked havoc in my stomach and my heart filled with joy as I read. I vacillated between laughing and crying, feeling my emotions rush through my chest with every word. I laughed and laughed out loud and cried tears of fear with the characters.

Josie and Reece’s story is absolute perfection. Aside from Kane, Reece is now my number one dream man. And Andi… oh my heart! The vulnerable moments were so raw and real that I just wanted to reach out and hug the characters. The message to truly love yourself and own who you are despite the noise of the world around you was so moving and so necessary. And the best: PUMPKINS AND A PIRATE!

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