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The Weight Of Lies book pdf download for free or read online, also The Weight Of Lies pdf was written by Emily Carpenter.

EMILY CARPENTER, a former actress, producer, screenwriter, and assistant behind the scenes at a soap opera, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Auburn University. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, she now resides in Georgia with her family.

BookThe Weight Of Lies
AuthorEmily Carpenter
Size1.4 MB

The Weight Of Lies Book PDF download for free

The Weight Of Lies Book PDF download for free

Reformed party girl Meg Ashley lives a life of privilege thanks to a best-selling horror book written by her mother decades ago. But Meg knows that the glare of her public life belies a darker reality of lies, manipulation and the fear of her own lonely childhood. Desperate to break away from her mother, Meg accepts the suggestion that she write a shocking and insightful memoir.

Digging into the past – and her mother’s cult classic – draws Meg to Bonny Island, Georgia, and an unlikely woman who was said to be the inspiration for the book.

At first, life on the island seems idyllic, but when Meg starts asking tough questions, disturbing revelations begin to surface… including some about her mother.

Soon, Meg’s quest leads her to question the facts of a decades-old murder. They warn her to leave him alone, but as the lies pile up, Meg knows she’s getting closer and closer to finding a killer. With her own life threatened, Meg realizes that the darkness in her mother’s book is nothing compared to the terrifying truth that lurks on the page.

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The Weight Of Lies Book Pdf Download

I enjoyed this book, although I had to force myself to pick it up and keep reading. It wasn’t the OMG I can’t wait to read more kind of book for me. I enjoyed reading it, but after putting it down I didn’t look for times to pick it up again. Yes that makes sense lol

Meg Ashley’s mother, Frances, is a bestselling horror novelist. But she wasn’t the best mom in the world. His mother wrote her bestselling book, Kitty, after living on a remote island in Georgia called Bonny Island. While she was there, a murder that she used for her novel had occurred.
Now Meg has the opportunity to write a book about her mother and what really happened on Bonny Island.
Meg is greeted on Bonny Island by Dorothy (or Doro as they call her), who turned out to be the inspiration for “Kitty”. Doro wants to help Meg write her book and fix things about herself.

I liked the setting of Bonny Island, medieval ruins, dense forests, horses roaming free, an old castle house converted into a hotel. And the few people that were there, Doro and her 3 associates, Ester, Laila and Koa (which is ok, she had a crush on him lol) but boy were they a little upset.

If I were Meg I wouldn’t have wanted to stay there. From the half answers Meg got you knew they were hiding things. But what? As much as it seemed weird and spooky to me (especially Doro), I still really liked the way they were written. And Meg, sometimes I wanted to hit her on the head and sometimes I went all out on her, lol

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I also liked that there were chapters about Meg and then there was a short chapter about the “Kitty” book. And there were a lot of different twists and turns which made me suspicious of all of them lol

Although the suspense at the end of the book had me on the edge of my seat, it also left me a bit confused when it all came out about who did what and also what was going on.

Frances Ashley wrote the story of a girl named “Kitten” who murdered her childhood best friend. It’s a huge hit, it inspires a cult following, and on the 40th anniversary of its release, his daughter Meg Ashley reflects on the impact it had on her childhood and strained relationship with her mother.

Meg is given an opportunity to write a (perhaps vengeful) short story by her mother’s new literary agent, and decides to use her freedom and sever ties with Frances once and for all. But not without a little research. She returns to the island that inspired “Kitten” to meet the woman who is herself in the court of public opinion. The murderous girl who blamed the victim’s mother for her crime.

The Weight of Lies is totally original, which is a nice surprise for someone like me who probably reads too much of one genre. This is an outstanding feature. Seamlessly weaving both the fictional “Kitty” and the “real” investigation into alternating chapters, Emily Carpenter manages to write two books at the same time. It takes some skill to pull off, and Emily does it deftly.

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She tells the story of the island from both her fictional version and “real life” in such a way that each chapter, whether written by the personality of Frances Ashley or by that of the author, drives the plot forward. The pacing is excellent and every time I put the book down I wanted to pick it up again.

I loved Meg and Koa, the spooky vibe of the island, the Native American history that is the backbone of the “Kitten” story, and the undercurrent of possible lies and betrayal. I never knew who to trust. The surprises, and there have been a number of them, are well thought out and straightforward. The book gives enough without giving too much. It’s a page-turning read that I highly recommend.

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