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Beauty book pdf download for free or read online, also Beauty pdf was written by Clarissa Wild.

Clarissa Wild is a Dutch New York Times and USA Today Top 20 Amazon bestselling author with ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome), who was born and raised in the Netherlands. She loves writing dark romance novels and contemporary romance novels with dangerous men and feisty women.

AuthorClarissa Wild
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Beauty Book PDF download for free

Beauty Book PDF download for free

At the beginning of the book one hopes that Beauty – Aurora can escape with her father. But soon you’ll realize that you might not want her father to accompany her and that she might be able to escape on her own.

When Aurora tried to escape, she kept thinking about Beast, if he was okay, if he was hurt, what could happen to him. She was very worried the whole time she was alone.

When they were able to reconnect, it seemed like no time had passed between the two. Aurora is very attracted to the beast, she has a connection with him. But does she have one as strong as her? Can Beast and Aurora have their happy endings? Can they stay together in prison? Or can they escape and be together?

Book 2 in the duo Beast and Beauty. No voltage.
WARNING: This book contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing.

Beauty Book Pdf Download

The end is here: can Beauty and the Beast find a way forward, survive the most dangerous dangers and thwart a sea of ​​enemies? This story begins right in the middle of the epic cliffhanger in Beast, as we see Aurora escape imminent danger but flee, leaving a dying beast behind. His escape leads him to cross paths with his slimy father: is he an ally or an enemy? And can she leave behind the man she loves if she doesn’t know her fate?

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It’s fast-paced and action-packed, and with our characters on the run (often separated) for much of the story, it’s a really action-oriented narrative and certainly an adrenaline rush. Twists and betrayals ensue, we experience much violence and danger, and we delve into Beast’s past and her connection to Aurora, and Aurora must finally come to terms with her delicate relationship with her father.

The action is definitely fun, and I enjoyed watching Aurora find her inner strength and keep being her own hero, despite her conversation with her father after he repeatedly revealed how selfish he is, after a while getting frustrating. Because the focus is on the plot and the narrative kept our lovers apart for most of the story, I felt I didn’t capture the depth of the relationship, which I hoped would become more substantial in this second half of the story.

Aurora seems caught in a cycle of shame, doubt, lack of sanity and strength that, despite all the action, leads to certain parts of her point of view becoming a bit repetitive. Overall a solid read – I just wanted a little more relationship growth with no plot for this couple.

Beauty (Beauty and Beast #2) by Clarissa Wild concludes the story of Beast and Aurora. Aurora runs for her life. He’s scared that Beast is dead, and at the same time he’s ambivalent about how he feels about his father. On the one hand, she is hurt by the things her father said about his true feelings for her and her love for him.

Once reunited with him, she sees everything she needs to see and eventually makes a decision. She needs to know what happened to Beast. I was really looking forward to the conclusion of his story and was glad I didn’t have to wait long. Aurora’s sheltered life, which we now know to be the result of her deformity, led to a naïve attitude to life that annoyed me.

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Some of the choices he made made me touch his neck. However, her feelings for Beast were so undisputed that she would put herself in danger again. And beast, well, he was a beast, and his feelings for Aurora gave him a frightening strength. However, Beast’s past was a story that made me cry.

What Beast had to endure broke my heart. I just hoped that they would get their happiness until the end of their days. It was a touch-and-go and help was in the most unlikely of places. strange conclusion. But in the end I was left with a smile on my face. Beast has a special place for me. Are you wondering what will become of him?

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