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I Want You Here book pdf download for free or read online, also I Want You Here pdf was written by Monica Walters.

Romance novelist Monica Walters is best known as the queen of rural romance. An Amazon bestselling author, multiple nominee and winner of the 2021 Literary Jewels Literary Awards for Best Love Author, Monica has always had a passion for creating different worlds with words.

BookI Want You Here
AuthorMonica Walters
Size534 KB

I Want You Here Book PDF download for free

I Want You Here Book PDF download for free

As all in the family find love and start families, Chad Berotte feels his life has ground to a halt. His work is stressful as ever due to an issue dating back more than ten years and his past love affairs have affected him negatively, with the loss of his mother being the main reason.

Her loss has affected his ability to give and receive love and he doesn’t know how to deal with it. He doesn’t even realize he’s a problem for him until Alexis Fontenot comes on the scene. Every time he decides to continue a relationship with her, an issue arises that sets him back. His heart wants her, but his mind wants to reject the very thought that there is a woman alive who can make him happy.

Alexis Fontenot was in love with a man who doesn’t even seem to care enough to admit it. Her body and heart crave love, and the lack of it drives her to make desperate decisions that offer only temporary relief and ultimately leave her unfulfilled and unfulfilled.

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Like Chad, she also realizes that her father’s absence from her life makes her yearn for love so badly, even though she’s the one who threw him out of her. When it comes to Chad, Lexi has Job’s patience and wants to wait for him to realize how strong their chemistry is, only for him to enforce his indecisiveness. She lacks communication skills and Lexi’s resistance is gradually weakening.

The back and forth wears Lexi down and destroys her from the inside out. What she wants from Chad seems impossible, and she struggles to let him go forever. However, Chad realizes he can’t let them slip through his fingers again, or he may not be able to get them back this time. Will he get it in time or will it be too late?

I Want You Here Book Pdf Download

Book 6 is out and it has definitely taken you on an emotional roller coaster ride. I’m glad Monica told us this was going to be a tug of war because she was so ? with both Chad and Lexi.

Chad has long-term emotions that he needed to heal from, which kept him from seeing that Lexi, no matter how old she was, was the woman who helped him heal and become a better man. I don’t agree that he pushed her away because he was trying to save her because he did more damage. I’m glad his family is there for him and helping him get to the root of the problem. Chad reminded me a lot of his father and how he needed to get rid of the pain of losing a loved one because they wanted you to feel bad.

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Lexi felt sorry for her because she loved a man who didn’t really know how to love himself. I’m glad she spoke to her mom about self-love because the way she moved didn’t make her situation with Chad any better. I’m also glad I was able to close something with her dad because she needed it. Being angry made her selfish, no one kicked her out of the family, everyone loved her like she really was a berrot because they are like that. She did it herself because she was in her feelings, I rolled my eyes for sure.

This has been an amazing series and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m glad Chad and Lexi got their stuff together and made it to HEA.

That was the most intense story with Alexz. I held my breath! It was definitely a roller coaster ride of emotions wrapped in love. Chad had some real issues that needed to be addressed before he could freely love and bond with Lexi or any other woman.
Lexi was looking for love and/or acting because she wanted love. Anyway, it went through fire and nearly burned. Healing was a must before placing a bet as a couple, especially with a baby on the way. Take care of yourself first!

Seneca, Jungle and Jericho all played interesting roles. I was beginning to think that Jericho had done something shady like sticking a condom through or changing the paternity tests. I really didn’t trust him!

The Berotte family sticks together no matter what, and that’s what I admire about this family. Don’t underestimate any of them. Shy, love his attention while controlling the legal aspects of his family. Zay and his dad the calming storm everyone needs.

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