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A Soul To Keep book pdf download for free or read online, also A Soul To Keep pdf was written by Opal Reyne.

Opal Reyne is an Australian author who has been a fan of the adult paranormal romance genre from the moment she picked up a book and has never looked back.

she loves everything racy, raunchy and everything she loves about border monsters. She began writing out of love for the written word and because she wanted to create a diverse world of mythological creatures while showing the beauty of all races of humanity. She aspires to produce an action-oriented character development book while flavoring charming visuals.

BookA Soul To Keep ( Duskwalker Brides Book 1 )
AuthorOpal Reyne
Size3.4 MB

A Soul To Keep Book PDF download for free

A Soul To Keep Book PDF download for free

Known as a harbinger of evil omens, Reia is blamed for the demons attacking her village and everyone avoids her.

When Duskwalker comes for his offer of ten years, it is offered to Reia. Reia expects Orpheus to be evil as the villagers portrayed him, but she doesn’t find that in him.

A Soul To Keep Book Pdf Download

This book was incredible. I’m not always a huge fan of third-person fiction, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but this book absolutely called for it – I was completely immersed in this story from start to finish. From the first chapter I could sense the space they were in and it slipped into me and stayed for the rest of the story.

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I felt like I was there.
This was one of my first adventures with monster stuff and I’m addicted to it. I devoured this book. I don’t even know that Orpheus is the monster, there are things far more terrible than him inside and outside the veil. Reia has this power that she should surpass after everything she’s been through, but she’s also so much braver, kinder and kinder than she should be after everything she’s been through. She is an upcoming FMC and I wish more women were written with such courage. This is a love story that is beyond rational thinking, yet makes absolute and complete sense.

This was an ethereal, passionate, descriptive, beautiful, and delicious experience. Story and plot were more than well written. Orpheus and Reia are divine. It’s a bit slow but it’s built really well and there are these big bumps along the way that draw you in and keep your mind and body busy. I couldn’t get enough of it. Highly recommended

I can’t tell you in so few words how much I LOVED this book. It was fan damn tasty! What hooked me was the cover art which reminded me of The Ancient Magus’ Bride which I also love by the way and well I can’t get enough of the romances between monsters and humans. They are so different and unique.

So at first it’s like The Ancient Magus’ Bride, a young human (the h in this text is of legal age by the way), an “otherworldly” being who takes her to stay. He treats her like she’s the most precious thing in the world, he cares for her, cares for her and protects her until the last part of the book becomes a little bit beauty and the beast but in a very grown up narrative.

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She just couldn’t get enough of Orpheus, he was so loving and tender and honest with Reia. Since he used to be a mindless beast until he ate humans to gain some humanity, he just wanted a mate, someone who would want to be with him.

At times he acted like a lost puppy, ignorant of many human things, but Reia taught him many things, and at times it was comical. Sometimes I got mad at Reia for being a manipulator, like inciting sensitive feelings and sex, but then I got mad at Orpheus and disgusted with himself, but I did it anyway while Orpheus was hurt and sad or embarrassed like that she treated him as she was, but quickly forgave her for her loneliness.

Luckily he changed his mind, but he was about to jump on the book and kick her out! Honestly I felt more for Orpheus than our kidnapped hero lol. Oh man, Orpheus is one hot monster that can also transform his body into something bigger, stronger, and faster.

What I also loved about this book is that it’s a slow-building romance, a sort of introductory book, and it flowed with everything around her. I’m glad it wasn’t a fateful thing, which doesn’t bother me, but there are many books like this out there and I wanted something different. The sexy moments are amazing along with the “ahem” addendum to Orpheus the world building is phenomenal and there is action, drama, heartfelt moments and betrayal. I’m looking forward to the next one!!

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