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Final Offer book epub download for free or read online, also Final Offer epub was written by Lauren Asher.

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Final Offer Book EPUB download for free

Final Offer Book EPUB download for free

Final Offer by Lauren Asher

Lauren really saved the best for last. Cal and Alana, from the first book, I felt like they had a lot of history and would serve my favorite trope, Second Chances, and I was really excited to see how it would play out. This book made the characters stand out and the story, plot, and dual points of view were captivating.

Without giving too much away, all I can say is that Callahan will be everyone’s favorite Kane brother. No offense to Rowan and Declan, but Cal will steal everyone’s hearts. He has the biggest heart, he is selfless, funny and just about the most adorable person with a Golden Retriever personality. He adore him, but despite his light-hearted nature, there’s a vulnerable guy underneath. His way of coping is to allow past mistakes to take over his life, resulting in the worst mistake of his life.

Final Offer Epub Download

Alana, she is sweet as a cupcake, caring and feisty. She is a true match for Callahan. Her jokes are very funny and they are both selfless by nature. Their history was so ingrained that they knew each other well, which made their second chance a little easier to accept. It was really explained what happened to their past and also their long separation. They both have internal struggles that affect their relationship.

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Besides the main characters, I really enjoyed the family dynamic of the Kane brothers and their partner, and a great addition is Cami, she is super adorable! The book was the thickest in the series. At first I felt like it reminded me of one of my favorite books, but as I read it it was very different. The road to HEA will always be a struggle, but Lauren wrote it so sweetly and movingly. This book is a really bittersweet ending to a series.

I really have so much to say about this book! I’m afraid I won’t do him justice if I do!

First of all, I want to thank Lauren Asher for giving me the opportunity to have this ARC in the first place! I was too happy about this! I fell in love with you and this series last year and I swear she got away from me! I don’t happily run away in many of my books like I did in yours, so thanks for that.

It’s honestly bittersweet to read about the Kane brothers and their family and loved ones. The fine print was a great introduction to this world, the terms and conditions were first class, but I’m glad it came second, now the final offer was different in more ways than one!

The final offer was deeper, it took me on a real emotional roller coaster. I was happy, sad, there were a few tears, but I wasn’t mad once, maybe mad at the city but never mad. It was so easy to read this and not have to choose sides, I have always been there for Callahan and would always support Alana. The repressed pain that both of them had played a big part in this whole story and seeing it unfold and getting the chance to really experience why Callahan is the way he is was just… lovely to read and get to know him better.

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I enjoyed this book because we saw Cal in a more homey setting. Where she grew up, how he grew up, what her home meant to him, and of course, she met the famous Alana.

I swear to God I could keep writing about this book, it would never end so I’ll just tell them to read it! It was everything I expected and more.

Callahan Kane and Alana Castillo are clearly destined for this! This book takes you on a journey. Given everything Alana and Cal have been through, a second chance for Cal was no easy feat, but her love was undying.

Cal is really one of my favorite characters from all of the Lauren’s books. His struggles and his pain went off the pages and hit me square in the chest. Cal felt so authentic and I loved him even more. The growth that Cal had in this book was phenomenal.

The extended epilogue was SO CUTE. I really loved the cameos from the other Kane brothers and also their partners. I think this was the perfect ending to the Dreamland Billionaires series and this was the perfect book for all the girls at Cal. You expect surprises with this one, and they were all DELICIOUS.

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