Download A Vampire’s Kiss [PDF] By Rebecca Zanetti

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A Vampire’s Kiss book pdf download for free or read online, also A Vampire’s Kiss pdf was written by Rebecca Zanetti.

BookA Vampire’s Kiss
AuthorRebecca Zanetti
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A Vampire’s Kiss Book PDF download for free

A Vampire's Kiss Book PDF download for free

Unlike some of his brothers, Athan Maxwell accepted the curse inherent in his DNA and solved the problem a century ago by mating with his only true mate while saving her life. Now they only meet four times a year to exchange blood and stay sane because that was the deal. But a hundred years later, his mate has only grown more attractive and intriguing, and when he sees a new threat on her heels, his promise to sit back and leave her alone is dashed.

Ivy O’Dwyer has enjoyed the last century as an immortal being, rising from a farmer’s daughter to the successful CEO of an Internet company. Sure, her life gets lonely with no chance of dating, and she is, she is grateful to her vampire friend of hers for saving her life so long ago, and yet her dreams of sexy man of hers will not abandon her. So when he rushes to save her life, her vampire-obsessed nature makes it difficult to stand up to her. When they finally realize that living alone forever isn’t worth it, it may be too late.

A Vampire’s Kiss Pdf Download

Each 1001 Dark Nights novel is a standalone story. For new readers, it is an introduction to the world of an author. And for the fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you enjoy each one as much as we do.

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I loved returning to the world of the Dark Protectors with a Dark Protectors/Rebels spin-off and introducing a new family, the Maxwells, a family of vampires who are doomed to an early death unless they find their true mates when they reach the 400. years.

Athan Maxwell found his human partner, Ivy. He saved her life in the 19th century, and by becoming her mate, she saved his back. But he didn’t want to force her to have a life with him when she was still so busy, so they parted ways with her, only meeting 1-4 times a year to share the blood they needed to ensure her immortality. But when Athan learns that Ivy is in trouble, he drops everything to run to his side and protect the woman he is secretly caring for.

Ivy has made the most of her second chance at her life, and throughout her 150 years of virtual immortality, she has worked to make the world a better place, even working with a secret ally to defeat predators in line. Pairing her with Athan means she has never touched another man, let alone dated another man, and while she looks forward to her brief encounters and misses Athan when she’s gone, she’s happy. And then her partner comes back into her life, all possessive, insisting that she needs her protection, and her well-established dynamic is about to change.

Oh I love me, protective and grumpy vampire, and Athan is amazing! He laid back and let Ivy live her life, boosted her confidence and became a truly amazing woman, and now that he’s actually spending time with her and her life is in danger, he realizes it’s finally time to claim them properly ( start with lots of growling, biting, and “mine”!).

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A Vampire’s Kiss is a great montage, with a hilarious back and forth as Athan and Ivy argue and argue, but underneath it all there’s a lot of love for each other and a lot of sexual tension. We’re talking a century of longing, and when they finally give in… damn it’s hot!

But they have to face unexpected dangers and the events of this book are very cleverly tied to the events of the Dark Protectors series, bringing action and excitement and I loved watching it all come to an end.

We’re introduced to some of Athan’s brothers, all under the same curse as him, and some great stories are already brewing. I’m so excited to get to know these characters better and can’t wait for this spinoff series to continue!

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