Download Beautiful Graves [PDF] By L.J. Shen

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Beautiful Graves book pdf download for free or read online, also Beautiful Graves pdf was written by L.J. Shen.

BookBeautiful Graves
AuthorL.J. Shen
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Beautiful Graves Book PDF download for free

Beautiful Graves Book PDF download for free

They say that first love is often the end of innocence.

Those words couldn’t ring truer for Everlynne Lawson, whose first exposure to romance came with a heartbreak…and the thing that seems to follow her wherever she goes. Death.

After a great tragedy, Everlynne loses everything that is important to her: her dreams, her family, and her soulmate, her Joe.

Wracked with guilt, Everlynne decides to isolate herself from her in Salem, Massachusetts. A shell of the woman she once was, she takes her days one at a time, careful not to allow herself the joy she feels that others in her life have been stolen from her. But when the mysterious and handsome Dominic bursts into his life, remaining alone becomes more difficult. Dominic is different: adventurous, full of life, full of joie de vivre and the passion to make it his own.

Everlynne is about to reinvent herself once again when the old wounds from her past resurface, more painful than ever. There is really nothing worse than being in love with two men.

Especially if one of them hates you.

Beautiful Graves Book Pdf Download

Shen’s latest offer is not good, it’s great! Usually when I start a book of this caliber, I read it in one sitting; However, it was not so, because life has a habit of getting in the way. And while I was doing whatever, I never stopped thinking about the Beautiful Graves book and couldn’t wait to dive back into it.

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Shen certainly put a lot of thought into the story and character development, and there wasn’t a moment when the protagonist’s story felt rushed. Although the title piqued my curiosity, I refrained from reading the synopsis as I like the element of surprise, and WOW, Shen didn’t just deliver; She went a step further by blowing my mind.

Just when she thought she knew what was going to happen next, BAM, she took even more twists and turns than she could have imagined. So I sat back and enjoyed the ride. Well, maybe enjoy is the wrong word to say, as some harrowing scenes made my eyes roar.

Making the right decision, regardless of the pain it causes others, and learning to redeem yourself, face the truths and lies of the past and overcome them in the present is what Shen brings to her readers and brings him closer to her heart.

While I’m a huge fan of Shen’s storytelling, I can honestly say I adored her latest norm-breaking storytelling style. Yes, it’s hot, but steamy came in second place. Yes, my heart was in her mouth, but she gave me hope. kindly said? There is no doubt about it. My recomendation! Go in blind; Keep an open mind because really nothing is what it seems and everything is also possible. Well done Shen!

The answer to the question of whether she read this book in one sitting is yes, her crazy ass got drunk. I’m talking about not getting up to urinate, skipping dinner and refusing to go to bed hahaha!!! I wish there were more stars to rate this book because I would rate every one of them! Let’s start with that. At first he adored Pippa.

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But when I thought I was stalking my girl Ever’s man. I wanted to hit her! Then I realized that she was trying to set up her best friend with the beautiful man (looks like a Damon Salvatore guy to me) and my girl Ever is, again to me, a goth Cheryl Blossom. I really love the friendship between Pippa and Ever. I really loved the relationship between Ever and her mom !! I was crying thinking that Ever had lost the child, that they had a light conversation and jokes back to back.

Always remembering that she will probably never see the boy of her dreams again and he will show up just when she needs him. They have a magical time together tonight. They exchanged numbers and also declared themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. Then they only meet years later when Ever is heartbroken and heartbroken. I loved Loki and the way he was portrayed. Just like my tuxedo cat

Ever and Dom’s relationship was wrong from the start. At first, she never wanted to go out with Dom, and it seems to me that he dragged her. I’m not saying she didn’t have a bad day at the gas station, but she took advantage of it. He pushed Ever into a relationship and he drank and ate her, pampered her and told her he loved her, then he proposed to her in front of her family.

My ex boyfriend did this to me. That’s why he’s an ex lol. Let’s not forget that he once met his family for Christmas, he took advantage of the fact that his mother would be upset if she didn’t come for Christmas. Your dom is very chubby!!

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I really loved that Joe made Ever face her fears. They were just perfect together. Although Ever, dear. It’s taken you a long time to confess your feelings. Oh my Ever is one of the strongest characters I’ve ever read. This is Scarlett O’Hara reincarnated! You just have to take the first step.

Her relationships with her family are strained and brief at first, and although it has been a long time since she has seen her family, they come to her when she needs them. Her father is the best and is still mourning the loss of her late wife Ever’s mother, but her heart is open enough to let anyone in.

I really hope Renn gets her own story from her over time because this guy is lost and losing himself to women in pointless seconds. I cried when I found out exactly what happened to Ever’s mom. It was sad and tragic. The fact that Ever and Joe are each other’s muses is just amazing. I love that Ever was a tour guide and the fact that she worked for a witch shop and she could talk about the history of Salem is really cool.

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