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Mr Romance book pdf download for free or read online, also Mr Romance pdf was written by Louisa Masters.

Louisa Masters started reading romance novels long before her mother thought she should. While other teenagers were sneaking out of the house, Louisa figured out how to read romance novels without getting caught. As an adult, she feeds her addiction with every free second she has, only occasionally breaking away from herself to do things like make calls and pay the bills.

BookMr Romance
AuthorLouisa Masters
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Mr Romance Book PDF download for free

Mr Romance Book PDF download for free

The third book in the Franklin U universe where each book can be read independently but some MCs cross paths in the books.
This was an absolute winner and I loved every minute of it.

This book jumps straight into Charlie having three people fighting over him in the funniest way, and it just gets better after that. It gets to the point where Charlie has to pay Mr. Romantic for advice on how NOT to attract people.
Charlie is such a clueless and lovable himbo and I totally understand why people fall in love with him left and right and Liam is the cute romantic who doesn’t know how valuable he is. And together they are absolutely adorable.

Mr Romance Book Pdf Download

This is surely the story for all die-hard romantics. It’s got all those blockbuster rom-com vibes.

If unconscious protagonists are your kryptonite, then Charlie is your man. You couldn’t find a cuter, lovelier, yet outrageously clueless lead man than Charlie Martin. I’m more inclined towards Liam, towards myself, but Charlie’s charm is hard to resist.

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This part of the Franklin U series leans too much into the miscommunication trope for me most of the time. There were times when he just wanted to shake Charlie and sometimes even Liam. It can be a bit much, but the characterization in Mr. Romance really pulls through and balances things that would otherwise have affected my rating.

These characters are funny, engaging, and hard to leave by the end of the book (but that’s what repetition is for, amirite). I wish I could learn more about Matt and Ian, especially (hope to see them again in the future). I just want to read more about all these guys, which makes me think maybe I should check out some of Masters’ other work. It also does a good job of remembering the main characters from Playing Games and The Dating Disaster, and keeps readers interested in Bet You, the next book in the Shenanigans universe.

This is shaping up to be an amazing series!

I was very excited for another Franklin U book! This was a new author for me and I was immediately drawn to the writing style and story! The opening scene made me laugh out loud and I was beginning to have a soft spot in my heart for Charlie. What a sweet man, sometimes unknowingly, kind and caring. All he wanted was to really care about people.

This eventually caused a lot of turmoil in his life and prompted him to seek the help of Mr. Romance. I really liked Liam a lot. He just “got” Charlie right away and never made him feel guilty. He was patient and kind and really found Charlie endearing. All Liam wanted was to be on the receiving end of a romance just once. They bonded as friends pretty quickly and then danced and became more in the cutest way. I loved her first kiss and all the hugs and was so happy for her when they both realized their true feelings! There was also a fabulous cast of friends and family who made this so enjoyable.

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I really enjoy this series. I love the insights into characters from the first books and the references to the ones to come. I can’t wait for the next one!

I really enjoyed the new version of Charlie and Liam’s story! I found Liam absolutely adorable in his ignorance of friendship and the signals it sends out! I just wanted to smack you on the head! Liam, Mr. Romance for most, was recruited by a friend to help Charlie relearn how to be friends. Learning again how to approach the friendships you ask for?

Oh yeah! Charlie is so kind and generous people think they are in a relationship with him while Charlie thinks they are just friends! It’s great to see Charlie navigating these interactions and learning how to make changes with Liam’s help. I enjoyed their developing friendship and seeing things grow more. Really haha. I loved Liam’s rousingly romantic gesture, his weak eyes.

As we’ve come to expect from these FU books, the supporting characters are just as entertaining as the main characters, and their friends made me laugh. You may never think of eggplant parmesan like that again! I am having so much fun reading this series! I love all the wonderful Easter eggs the authors have put together and the feeling of seeing old friends again with each book!

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