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Brick’s House book pdf download for free or read online, also Brick’s House pdf was written by Darlene Tallman.

BookBrick’s House
AuthorDarlene Tallman
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Brick’s House Book PDF download for free

Brick's House Book PDF download for free


I never expected that a chance reunion with my old friend Declan, who is now with the RBMC, would bring my club, the Roanoke Raiders MC, together, but it happens. When I get a cryptic message that I need to find someone, I discover that this new frat has joined my club more than I support. As mysteries arise, we find ourselves entangled in a problem that is encroaching on the land. The question is, will we make it or will we fail?


My whole life has really been one long, continuous nightmare. When I’m thrown away like trash and left to die, I make peace with the fact that I’ll never know what it’s like to be loved. When I wake up I am surrounded by men dressed in leather. Men who assure me that they will protect me and protect me, something I have never known.

Brick’s House Pdf Download

This book ticked all the boxes for me. I really enjoyed the story, the characters and this new MC patch in the world of Royal Ba*tard. A well written mc novel that kept me glued to the pages.

Brick is a protective, loyal and caring man who is also the president of the Roanoke chapter. He may be nice to his new sprite, but he’s deadly and willing to do anything to protect Raeleigh. He is patient with her when he needs it most, and he loves how he steps back and allows her to figure out what he wants from her before claiming her.

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Raeleigh, or Sprite as Brick calls her, is a powerful female lead who has endured unimaginable horrors. Abused and abandoned, she is left to die. . . no spoilers but the plot twist at the end really makes me root for Rae, Brick and the club. Highly recommended!!

Let Voodoo Grandma change Brick’s life and thanks to the end ours too…lol
I loved this book. Firstly, Rael was there (you can never go wrong there) and secondly, it was a great story. Heartbreaking but amazing nonetheless. Brick is the president of the newly patched RBMC and has a clubhouse full of brothers from all over the world.

When you’re away, voodoo and all hell breaks out, changing Brick’s life forever. Raeleigh is broken and doomed, but an angel, real and figurative, saved her and changed her life in the process.
The ending will have you counting down to December 20, I can’t wait.


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