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Circle book pdf download for free or read online, also Circle pdf was written by Madeline Miller.

AuthorMadeline Miller
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Circle Book PDF download for free

Circle Book PDF download for free

A daughter is born in the house of Helios, god of the sun and the most powerful of the titans. But Circe is a strange child, not powerful like her father, not viciously seductive like her mother. She turns to the mortal world for companionship and discovers that she possesses power: the power of sorcery, capable of turning rivals into monsters and threatening the gods themselves.

Threatened by Zeus, he banishes her to a desert island, where he hones his occult craft, tames wild beasts, and meets many of mythology’s most famous figures, including the Minotaur, Daedalus and his doomed son Icarus, the murderess Medea and , of course, the cunning Odysseus.

But there is also danger for a woman who is alone, and Circe inadvertently draws the wrath of men and gods, ultimately facing one of the most terrible and vengeful Olympians. To protect what she loves most, Circe must muster all her strength and choose once and for all if she belongs to the gods she was born from or the mortals she has learned to love.

With unforgettably vivid characters, intriguing language, and gripping suspense, Circe is a triumph of storytelling, a heady epic of family rivalry, palace intrigue, love and loss, and a celebration of indomitable female strength in a man’s world.

Circle Book Pdf Download

Having read The Odyssey years ago, I must admit that all I remembered about Circe was that she had used her sorcery to turn Odysseus’ men into pigs, and the speed with which she really submitted to Odysseus when her magic didn’t work on him. . I liked how she surrounded herself with wild animals, but she didn’t impress me how quickly she invited Odysseus into her bed and allowed him and his men to spend a year on her island.

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I’m not usually a big fan of stories told in the first person, but this was definitely the best way to tell this story. Ms. Miller took someone who was a minor character in The Odyssey and gave her a larger than life story. I think what makes this book such a compelling read is the total focus on Circe. There are no unnecessary side stories. Circe’s life draws us in; we are aware of her thoughts…nothing is hidden from us. She is far from perfect; She can be unreasonable and give in to her negative emotions, but I found it very easy to like her.

Although the focus of the story is entirely on Circe, we are still treated to an incredible cast of characters: Scylla; Labyrinth; Circe’s sister Pasiphae, mother of the Minotaur; Medea; not to mention the titans, gods and goddesses. And last but not least, Penelope, another well-written woman, quickly became my second favorite character.

Mrs. Miller uses clear and simple words, but her descriptions are lyrical and evocative, like her description of the Halls of Helios, which also convey something of the nature of the sun god…
“My father’s halls were dark and silent. His palace was… hewn from the rocks of the earth, and its walls were polished obsidian.

Why not? They really could have been anything in the world, blood-red marble.” Of Egypt or even balsam of Arabia, my father had only to wish. But he liked how the obsidian reflected his light, how its smooth surfaces caught fire as he passed. Of course he didn’t think how black it would be when he was gone. Dad could never imagine the world without him.”

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I liked that his witch powers didn’t come on immediately; she has to work and practice, practice, practice.

Circe’s interactions with the other characters, particularly Daedalus, Odysseus, her son Telegonus, even Penelope and Telemachus, are chronicled at length. In Mrs. Miller’s hands, they become real people, each with her own character, strong and memorable in her own way. The gods are portrayed as illogical and capricious as the ancient Greeks saw them, but they do not appear as stereotypical or two-dimensional.

Although Circe is a minor deity, she is not depicted as an unattainable goddess. We know this extraordinary woman very well because we share her most personal thoughts. That’s what this book does for me: Circe is shown to us as a woman, with the same needs, hopes, desires and dreams as humans.

A scholar of the classics, Madeline Miller really knows her Greek mythology inside and out. She compiled everything there is to know about Circe and told a very believable story. I read this book slowly, not because it was hard to read, but I enjoyed every part of it; I didn’t want it to end. When I got to the end it made me cry; it was exactly how i wanted it.

In early May I was lucky enough to attend a conversation with Madeline Miller, Bettany Hughes and Kamila Shamsie at the British Museum. Mrs. Miller said that she wanted Circe’s story back; She wanted to refocus attention on this highly intelligent woman who had the wit to outdo Odysseus in her verbiage. I suppose it can be said that if The Odyssey was a man’s story, then Circe is a woman’s story from the same time period, including ages before and after.

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