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Close Your Eyes book pdf download for free or read online, also Close Your Eyes pdf was written by Rachel Abbott.

BookClose Your Eyes
AuthorRachel Abbott
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Close Your Eyes Book PDF download for free

Close Your Eyes Book PDF download for free

I can’t believe it took me so long to read Rachel Abbott’s Tom Douglas series. I’m always wary of starting a series with multiple books, but I’m so glad I decided to read the latest, Close Your Eyes. It can absolutely be read on its own. So if you’re also new to this series, you don’t need to have read the previous books. But I’ll definitely catch up with them.

In Close Your Eyes, the body of a promising businessman’s wife is found not far from his home. Her husband started a company that is currently developing an app that can accurately predict what will happen in your day. But what is actually going on here? When Tom Douglas and his team arrive at the offices, a young woman, a company employee, Martha Porter, runs away hoping to avoid speaking to the police. But why run? Does she have anything to do with the murder? And what is the connection between what is happening now and a cult that formed over twenty years ago?

Close Your Eyes Pdf Download

This was such a quick and addictive read. As soon as Martha fled the premises, I wanted to know what prompted her to do so. What didn’t he want to tell the police? I loved that premise, and I kept wondering what was really going on here.

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The scenes are told from the Martha’s point of view are very tense. She knows the police will be looking for her and will do anything to avoid being found. And Martha also has to worry about her son. Rachel then takes us back in time as we see a young family move into a new home in Liverpool. Shortly after they move in there, a mysterious man moves in with them, making India, who is a child and her father at the time, very uncomfortable. But his mother insists he stays and that it will be a good thing for her. But what is its purpose and how does it relate to the events unfolding in the present?

I loved the different aspects of this book; It was so exciting to read that I wanted to know what’s really going on here. If you haven’t started this series yet and love crime fiction, I highly recommend it. I wish I had started reading the books sooner.

Tom Douglas’ Book #10, Close Your Eyes, is a fascinating story that begins with the death of Genevieve Strachan. That name means nothing until Tom, Becky, Rob and Jumbo meticulously peel away the layers of their lives to find out who she is and who wants her dead.

Martha is a complicated character. The narrative of his story unfolds piece by piece throughout the book. Quite a mystery, Tom Douglas doesn’t seem to know what to do with her.

I enjoy watching Tom Douglas come almost full circle as he is now in a loving relationship with a wonderful wife and father once again. Tom’s love for his daughter hasn’t diminished with the arrival of the new baby. It seems he finally has the life he wants.

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Of course, life isn’t perfect and it doesn’t come wrapped in a pretty bow. This is one of the aspects of the Rachel Abbott’s books that I really respect the most. It doesn’t end on an unrealistically perfectly happy note. Tom could solve the case but he arrives tomorrow morning and some have to deal with the consequences. The closure will not happen overnight. Justice is not always immediately felt. But the lessons will be learned and hopefully life will somehow move on.

At the end there is a very important note from the author. I found the information extremely accurate and it shows that Rachel Abbott used her due diligence in properly investigating the issue.

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