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Glow ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 4 ) book pdf download for free or read online, also Glow ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 4 ) pdf was written by Raven Kennedy.

Raven Kennedy is something of a tea and dark chocolate girl and can often be found watching The Office or The Great British Baking Show.

She likes to write all kinds of books because each one offers a different experience. Whatever the genre, she hopes to create characters that you can root for.

When she’s not reading or writing, she’s with her family, probably messing up a recipe or going on a hike that she thinks she can do, but really she can’t because she remembers she can just sit in front of the computer. all day and write. her heart.

BookGlow ( The Plated Prisoner Series Book 4 )
AuthorRaven Kennedy
Size2.1 MB

Glow Book PDF download for free

Glow Book PDF download for free

The success of Booktok: The Plated Prisoner Series continues in Book 4. This dark fantasy romance for adults is inspired by the myth of King Midas and the golden woman who realizes her true worth.

This is an adult fantasy series with dark elements that can trigger past emotional and physical trauma, violence, adult language, and explicit romance. Read at your own discretion.

Glow Book Pdf Download

I am sitting here. looking at that. I am trying to figure out how to put into words all that this book was for me. All I have is a masterpiece. This will be a SPOILER FREE review, but it WILL CONTAIN major plot spoilers from the previous 3 books, so proceed with caution if you are not up to date with the series.

IT’S OKAY. Furious. First of all, this book was difficult. At the end of Gleam, even with Auren still enduring a decade of parenting and abuse, you knew it wasn’t going to be an easy, carefree book. They knew that her recovery would be painful and that, along with everything else, it would take time. Every step of her journey, loss, and healing in this book is slow, delicate, careful, heartbreakingly realistic, perfectly portrayed, and beautifully handled.

There wasn’t a single question, discussion, thought process, or scenario in my head that the author didn’t explore that I loved and cherished SO MUCH as an abuse survivor on the “other side” of life in a healthy, loving relationship. .

What I was NOT prepared for was being emotionally devastated by the childhood and past of the Ravinger King himself.

We get a lot of Slade content in this book that I really needed to better understand both the fae man that he fell so in love with our golden girl and how to do everything in the world. world was separated from the world of fairies forever. And if you thought you loved Slade before you read this book, YOU HAVE NO IDEA how obsessed you will be with him by the end of this book. It’s multifaceted, complex and deep… SO DEEP.

He is the king of villains through and through, he has the dirtiest mouth, my God, he can mute a side and loves auras uncompromisingly with every ounce of his being. These two have my heart forever and officially OWN carriages from now on forever.

Everything is amplified in this book. Spice is off the charts, we’re getting a lot more POV chapters (some of which are VERY exciting), we’re getting a LOT more rage interaction, we’re getting a new potential partner that I absolutely adore, we’re finally connecting the dots with all the questions we get about Auren’s past after her time with Zakir we get the true elaboration of a relationship between Auren and Slade we get 110% more sibling content between Slade and Fake Rip (her brother Ryatt) we get 210% more than emotions, we travel to the ends of Orea (literally) and meet many more… interesting characters, there is MUCH MORE in this book.

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I admit there were parts of this book that felt very repetitive and just plain langggg, but every time I thought, “Haven’t I read something like this before?” it led me to a new or important healing point. Conversational for Auras. Healing cannot be rushed and often through repeated healing one can find the safe space and courage to process certain feelings/memories. So I think it’s important to remember that as you go through this book, especially when you feel like it’s getting a bit long.

The ending was a real roller coaster. I will say it didn’t break me like the Gleam ending, but I had my heart screaming in my throat and had to remind myself to hold my breath more than once. This cliffhanger is painful and managed to make me cry like a baby, but with the knowledge that we are entering the final chapter, and when I see each stage ready for it, so much in the air, I must be in line. KNAPPING to get my hands on book 5!!!

There are simply no words to express how much I love this series and how firmly Auren has etched himself and Slade into my heart. Each book gets better and better and while I’m far from ready for it to end, I can’t wait to see what is sure to be an explosive ending. Hats off to Raven Kennedy…absolutely one of the best books of 2022!!

There are no spoilers for this book, but beware of spoilers for books 1-3 and their timely reminder not to be here if you haven’t read them first.

In the words of Michael Scott, it feels like someone has taken my heart and thrown it into a bucket of boiling tears. This should tell you how I feel after finishing this book. But best of all, because who doesn’t like pain? I definitely will. In my fiction my soul is battered and broken and crying in agony. It will take me 8-10 business months to recover or until the next book, whichever comes first. He knew, he only knew when things were going too well and everyone was too happy, that the other mountain was about to fall. AND MADE A MISTAKE? NO, I WASN’T.

Since we start right after the harrowing events of Gleam, there are a lot of after-nature fallout and Aura effects that we as readers see Auras and Slade go through. And if you’ve been along for the ride so far, you know the gold is about to explode. Apart from men of questionable or non-existent morals, the author has a gift for morally gray women writers of such complexity that one cannot decide whether to hate them and want to reason with them, or timidly admire them for doing what they do. they must survive and gain their power in the patriarchy they must endure.

Looks familiar, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, it still gives you enough people to hate in the post-Midas world, which is also a talent because few writers have written villains I hate so much. I hope everyone suffers a lot from this.

Auren’s journey continues to be an inspiration as she is not a naturally gifted chosen one born to kick butt, but rather a hunted and haunted woman with too much trauma from her past who has to fight at every turn to maintain her process and own her power. in the world that is continues cruel to her. Speaking of morally grey, Auras is of course the lynchpin of this series, but this is definitely Slade’s book. As heartbreaking as it is to learn about her past and her scars, it’s also a revelation. It’s rare to love a man more after being in his head, but that’s what romance novels were made for.

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Because if I used to like him, now I’m madly in love with Slade Ravinger, aka King Rot, aka Commander Rip. Slade, just Slade. No thoughts, just him. From now on I will be unbearable in my adoration for him. You can not stop me. Do not try. Bird lover, staunch keeper, fierce protector, dirty talker. Villainy on demand and undisturbed. Few come close in terms of acts of service or standing up for the agency and growth of loved ones or dirty shenanigans. It contains a lot. Okay, the fans themselves and go ahead with the review.

The writing throughout this series has been beautiful, but this time? It has been taken to the whole new level. Extraordinarily beautiful, sharp and moving at the same time, it shines like words spun in precious gold (sadly, I couldn’t resist this one). The series gets better with every book, which is a tough bar, and Mrs. Kennedy not only raises it, she deletes it every time, and now I have a serious contender for my best book of the year. I’m equal parts excited and nervous to see where it takes us next.

Wow, the CAT in this book is real! I still can’t help it, and my thoughts change accordingly!

She is basking in the sun, and it seems like daylight is all it was made for. She’s so stunning up here in just my T-shirt that I almost want to back off the guards and demand they gouge out their eyes to see which one is mine.

Glow reads like a (light and verbose) love letter from Raven Kennedy to fans of the series. It’s essentially a character study, not a huge plot progression. Was the plot more dynamic? Certainly not. But if you really love AURIP, wanted to know every detail of these characters, and yearn to bask in their moments of glory, then this book will be immensely satisfying.

The quote I started with is an excellent example of problems; Representing a tender and touching moment, these glimpses into Rip and Auren’s daily lives are sweet and rewarding on the one hand, but do little to advance the larger story. Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it. However, there are some pretty big issues that I’m having a hard time reconciling:

mild spoiler alert

The character development is off the charts in this book! Slade is the focus and we pretty much get it all (I also really enjoyed learning about Ryatt and the family dynamic from him). Also, we have new POV chapters of Queen Kaila, Osrik and Rissa. In the end, however, these chapters are very few and far between. Especially with Kaila I complain that we did not have enough! It ends with maybe three chapters total, I think? Everything at the beginning of the book that seems like a missed opportunity. I just needed more. And the way her chapters end so abruptly gives the impression that Kaila was an afterthought finally forgotten.

As mentioned, this is not the most action-packed story. It didn’t bother me that much at first, but I finally realized that he was excited to accomplish something. There are BIG events beyond the grace period bubble of our two MCs, but they totally and utterly ignore them for about 3/4 of the book. Even if you think the story will eventually pick up speed, it still takes about 10 more chapters to get to this point.

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Here the lack of Queen Kaila’s POV becomes a true farce; I would have liked to see the correspondence between her brother and her Manu to see how the 6th Kingdom reacts to her and to see more closely the inner workings of her mind. This story spans multiple kingdoms, providing a better understanding of the terrain, layout, and political goals of the larger kingdoms of Orea. There are also new and unique magics. Again, I would have loved to read how Kaila won over these other rulers to her cause.

I think Raven might be my favorite Spice writer in all honesty, and Slade has the dirtiest mouth ever! I don’t know what that says about me exactly…lol. But I found the romance to be creative, yet realistic, and never too gratuitous: the two MCs spend 90% of the book together, so the opportunity is there, but Raven has the sensibility to hold back. For me it was a perfect balance.

Well my problem with Spice is the way it is used towards the end of the book as a catalyst for the big events to finally happen. The books spend all of their time building up the character of Slade, putting so much emphasis on his point of view and treatment of auras only for him to completely and definitively flip the switch at that climax moment. The entire plot literally revolves around a scene where he acts exactly like Midas would… WTF!? This moment is so heartbreaking, beyond the realm of Slade’s personality, that I can’t help but remember it.

I don’t understand the motivation here at all (pure convenience?) and I want to ask Raven “How could you make my bb Slade like this!?” If you think that Rhysand from the ACOTAR series deserves a bad rap for his “morally gray” moves, this scene, written by the author Raven, breaks any moral high ground Slade was previously on.

When the action starts, it’s handled so weirdly that I’m still having trouble processing it. I get that Auren has always had to hide his powers, but one would think that the Conflux (Trial) would at least be an opportunity for her to finally tell his story to the world.

She has never been given a voice and it seems so bad to me that neither she nor Slade nor ANYONE else in her inner circle will acknowledge that fact!?!? In fact, she boggles the mind. Many other ways this issue could have been resolved while we are still nearing the end of the conflict come to mind. One of the most obvious is the lack of any kind of discussion about marriage. I’m not usually a big fan of the marriage trope, but this seems like such an easy way to extend Slade’s protection to auras. The other monarchs wouldn’t be able to touch her if she’s also a queen, right?

But this idea is never conceived. There is not a shred of this idea in the entire book, no mention of “wife” or “queen” at all. I guess this was an intentional decision, but I still don’t fully understand why.

If, at the end of the day, you already LOVE this series and this ship, you will probably love this book too. However, if you’re looking for a major plot breakthrough, perhaps wait until the final book is published?

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