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Corrupting Lust book pdf download for free or read online, also Corrupting Lust pdf was written by Lyra Winters.

BookCorrupting Lust
AuthorLyra Winters
Size1.7 MB

Corrupting Lust Book PDF download for free

Corrupting Lust Book PDF download for free

They say orgasms are heaven, but mine took me to hell.
As a Sextalk podcaster, sex was nothing new to me. Unfamiliar to me, though, was my one-night stand cramming his bleeding wrist into my mouth and stabbing me through the heart with a dagger in the midst of orgasm.

Waking up in hell with a self-proclaimed prince of lust wearing two horns and a tail made me question my sanity. But when he told me I was a demon too, everything I knew exploded in my face.

I never stayed with my connections for more than one night, but this enraged demon demanded that I rule the infernal circle of lust as his queen. However, he had something else on the way if he thought I’d sit nice on a throne while he pulled the strings.
It wasn’t until his chamberlain and knight showed up that I decided being in hell wouldn’t be so bad.
It turns out Corrupting Lust was what it was made for.

Corrupting Lust is a reason in its own right to choose a paranormal romance with guaranteed HEA. Contains mature topics that may not be appropriate for all readers. This novel is set in the multi-author shared world Sons of Satan. Be sure to read all seven books for a good time!

Corrupting Lust Book Pdf Download

There are some things I love about this book, it’s self-contained and detached from a connected world. This new connected world is all about the seven circles of hell. So fun to read about our FMC, she is a sex talk podcast host, she is also working to get over her terrible past. When she goes on a date, it’s not what it seems and she ends up in Hell, and she is. Answer to the Prince of Lust’s curse. As!?

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Although this is a story about lust and we have plenty of time, there is still a plot and lots of world building. I like Nova, she has sass which is perfect for what she needs to be with her boys. Even as her life changes without her knowledge, she knows she must take back control of her life lest she relive her past.

I love the quips between the characters and I love the flow of this story. It wasn’t hard, it’s a great light-hearted read for the weekend or to get you out of a book crisis! I can’t wait to read the other books in this world, I can’t wait to see how the other authors play in this world.

This book is part of the multi-author collaborative world Sons of Satan. Every author writes about the seven circles of h**l. What do you get with the sextalk podcaster and the prince of lust? What a hot and hot book. This book was incredible
There were some twists that I didn’t see coming. I can’t wait to jump into the other realm to see how each kid handles their circle.

I really enjoyed reading this book. This book moves at a really great pace that is perfect for the story, it has interesting characters that you will love and a story that grabs you and keeps you interested and reading to the end. This book is a must read that should be at the top of your list, no doubt about that.

This was a good stand alone story. It is also part of a world shared with the other 6 Sins by different authors. I loved Nova and her 3 demons. I can’t wait to see what the other independents have in store for us. I really loved this book. Definitely read!!!

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