Download Tempted By The English Marquis [PDF] By Sasha Cottman

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Tempted By The English Marquis book pdf download for free or read online, also Tempted By The English Marquis pdf was written by Sasha Cottman.

BookTempted By The English Marquis
AuthorSasha Cottman
Size1.6 MB

Tempted By The English Marquis Book PDF download for free

Tempted By The English Marquis Book PDF download for free

When love conquers duty.

Gideon Kembal, Marquess of Holwell, vows to save his loved ones from the shocking scandal that threatens to tear his family apart. Out of a sense of duty, he sails to Italy, determined to bring his recalcitrant mother and sister back to England.
Serafina de Luca is the dutiful daughter of one of the richest and most powerful families in Rome. Despite her heart’s secret desire, she really knows that her future lies in a loveless political marriage.

Arriving in Rome, Gideon is at war with his mother. He finds his only respite in the company of the lovely Serafina, who offers to show him around the ancient city.

The attraction that blossoms between them soon turns into a fire of passionate temptation. Serafina accepts Gideon’s offer of a life with him in England.

When her secret affair comes to light, her family is outraged. Serafina grapples with the agony of being forced to marry a man she barely knows, while Gideon faces a duel of honor between life and death.
Can the holy city perform a miracle while hope stands on the brink of bitter despair?

Tempted by the English Marquis is the latest in the Duke of Strathmore, Regency Historical Romance Series. Sasha Cottman writes Regency novels with heroes to die for and heroines strong and brave.

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Tempted By The English Marquis Book Pdf Download

Tempted By The English Marquis is a vividly captivating and romantic tale set in stunning Rome. Rome comes alive; I felt it was there. Gideon Kembal, Marquess of Holwell is in Rome tasked with bringing his wayward mother and sister back to England to help clean up the devastation and scandal that Gideon’s mother has brought to his family. Serafina is part of Luca’s powerful family; your future is sealed; She will marry a stranger for her father’s political gain. These hapless lovers must fight impossible odds to find their happiness.

I loved how Gideon handled the situation with his mother. Though angry at her, Gideon is considerate and respectful of this woman who single-handedly ruined his family. Gideon is a good son and friend. Serafina dreams of marrying for love; However, she is a pawn to her father’s political ambitions. Serafina also has a strained relationship with her mother. I loved how Gideon and Serafina learn more about their mothers and how the father-son dynamic changes and evolves throughout the novel. I loved how the couple’s romance grew in the context of Rome. The passionate bond between Gideon and Serafina slowly becomes undeniable and inescapable.

I was in Rome recently and felt like seeing these places again. Sasha Cottman did a fantastic job of describing Rome and making the reader feel like they were there. Castel Sant’Angelo is the first thing Gideon sees. In Gideon’s time it was a prison. When I was there this spring it was a museum with a rooftop cafe overlooking the city. I was transferred back to my visit to this wonderful city.

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Extensive research was conducted and the result was a visually beautiful and realistic rendering: romance and setting combined to create an immersive, passionate and seamless adventure. There were a couple of times where I felt that the pacing of the plot could have been quickened; but that didn’t detract from the story. The story held my attention and was a visual masterpiece.

Tempted By The English Marquis is the eleventh book in the Duke of Strathmore series. Sasha Cottman has created an aesthetically stunning forbidden romance full of intrigue, danger and passion, and has a happy ending that caps the romance off perfectly. This is another outstanding book in this memorable series. I recommend reading the series; they are unique journeys full of intensity and passion.

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