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Crave book pdf download for free or read online, also Crave pdf was written by Tracy Wolff.

Tracy Wolff is the #1 New York Times, #1 International and USA Today author with more than sixty novels, ranging from young adult action-adventure to new adult romance and women’s fiction to erotica. A long-time lover of vampires, dragons, and all that swirls in the night, Tracy likes nothing more than to combine her affection for paranormal creatures with her love for writing tormented heroes and headstrong heroines.

When she’s not writing (which is rare), she can be found trying out new recipes, offering makeup tips online, wandering around comic/game and movie stores with her kids, or making up stories with best friends. her. A former English teacher, she now writes full time from her home in Austin, Texas, which she shares with her family. Her most recent works are, the young adult vampire novel CRAVE, “is poised to become fandom’s new favorite vampire romantic obsession” (Hypable).

AuthorTracy Wolff
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Crave Book PDF download for free

Crave Book PDF download for free

My whole world changed when I entered the academy. Nothing is right about this place or the students in it. Here I am, a mere mortal among the gods… or monsters. I still can’t decide which, if any, of these warring factions I belong to. I only know that what unites them is their hatred of me.

Then there’s Jaxon Vega. A vampire with deadly secrets he hasn’t felt in a hundred years. But something about him catches my eye, something broken about him that somehow fits with what’s broken about me.
Which could mean death for all of us.

Because Jaxon protected herself for a reason. And now someone is trying to wake up a sleeping monster, and I wonder if I was brought here on purpose, as bait.

Crave Book Pdf Download

I wanted an easier read, and a vampire book ALREADY fit that bill perfectly, so I started right away.

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Our main character is Grace. We meet Grace shortly after her parents’ death in a car accident, when she moves to her uncle’s boarding school, Katmere Academy, in Alaska to continue her education under the care of her uncle and the friendship of her cousin Macy of her. Grace soon catches the eye of the school’s bad boy, Jaxon, and she is immediately attracted to him. As the blurb in the book anticipates, all is not as it seems and we quickly discover that there are strange forces at play and that someone is trying to kill Grace.

Is this book a cross between Twilight and Harry Potter? Yes.
Are the characters stereotypical? Yes.
Is the plot predictable and nothing new or original? Yes.
Did I devour the book in two days and think about it when I didn’t read it? Yes.

While this is nothing new (just some f-bombs that Twilight and Harry Potter don’t have), I was drawn to the story. The characters are predictable and quite unimaginative, the setting is not very good; all we’re told about his beautiful Alaskan setting is that it’s cold: the strong bad boy who falls in love with the fragile human girl turned 100 times before this book. he had done something. I don’t know if it was because he was looking for something simple and effortless, but there was something that made me want to read.

Grace was annoying but strong, Jaxon was obsessed with himself (so much so that Grace actually confronted him about it), and there are ridiculously sloppy scenes that go on forever. But the death of Grace’s parents was handled well, there was a well-written fight scene, an interesting twist, a hint of more surprises, and it ends on a big cliffhanger.

I think you just have to enjoy this book and go with it, if you compare it to others or think about it you will be disappointed and miss out on a solid read. It’s only a PG rating, so nothing too sexy is going on, but there is one scathing scene that I’d say is probably bordering on what’s allowed within that rating.

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There are 3 extra chapters at the end of 3 of the scenes narrated from Jaxon’s point of view that provided an interesting twist, although I didn’t miss the fact that Twilight did as well. I won’t be in a hurry to buy the next book in the series, but I will put it on my wish list.

Both of her parents are dead and her bright, sunny San Diego is far behind. Grace is sent to live with her uncle and her cousin at Katmere Academy deep in remote Alaska. Little does she know that Katmere Academy is the home of the supernatural youth. Stereotypes of witches, shapeshifters, and vampires define this lonely boarding school, and not everyone welcomes her presence. But as the war looms on the fringes of supernatural race relations, it becomes clear that Grace wasn’t sent here for her safety. She was brought in to be the bait. As Grace tries to survive in this academy, her loyalties are divided. She must decide who to put her trust in…and her heart.

Fans of “Twilight”, “Vampire Academy” and the “Harry Potter” series will want to try this new series!

The plot is exciting and develops intuitively throughout the novel. Wolff’s expert writing shines through as the reader continues to wonder what will happen next. The opening chapters serve to connect with Grace and experience firsthand the unpleasant atmosphere that surrounds this academy, as Grace does not understand the danger she is in. The final chapters connect the reader with the characters in a deeper way that will stay with them long after the book ends, leaving them desperate for the outcome. The additional alternate point of view arrangement at the end of the book shows just how much readers (and the main character) missed behind the earlier chilling scenes.

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“Basically, I’m no different from you. I dreamed of you, wished for your existence.”
-Tracy Wolff, Crave

The characters themselves were believable and real. Grace was suitably “fragile” for being human without being weak. She is also strong, passionate, but also endearingly human in her motivations. The reader’s heart will ache with her losses, but she will celebrate with her small victories. Jaxon is the definition of a misunderstood bad boy, but underneath that cold and slightly scary exterior lies a broken and scared boy who harmonizes so perfectly with our kind and innocent grace. Each character contributes something significant and intentional to the story.

Let me clarify something. This book is not Twilight. The plot is completely different, the characters are completely different, the writing style is completely different. This book is infinitely better. Some complaints about this book are that all the boys fall in love with Grace like in Twilight. The important difference between the Twilight boys and the Crave boys is that all the Crave boys want something from Grace and use Grace for the ends of her own factions.

It’s not really Insta-Love or Insta-Lust. Now that that’s settled, I love this book with all my being. I love the twists that Wolff brings to the supernatural world to bring a familiar story to life and make it his own. I love the humanity shown in these characters and the harsh realities they face. I love that my heart races during parts of this book because I felt what the characters felt. I absolutely, positively cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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