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The One Who Loves You book pdf download for free or read online, also The One Who Loves You pdf was written by Pippa Grant.

Pippa Grant is a USA Today and Amazon best-selling author who writes heartbreaking romantic comedies. When she’s not reading, writing, or sleeping, she’s voted co-worker of the month as a stay-at-home mom and stay-at-home mom who tries to groom her adorable demon spawn to be a productive member of society, all the while dreaming of long walks on the beach. with hot water. chocolate chip cookies.

BookThe One Who Loves You
AuthorPippa Grant

The One Who Loves You Book PDF download for free


If the Upper East Side had an evil twin, it would be the Tickled Pink, Wisconsin. This seedy out-of-the-way town isn’t worth the imprint of my Louboutins, let alone mine.

But when my grandmother has a near-death experience and realizes that we Lightlys can’t buy our way to heaven, she moves the family to Tickled Pink to work on bettering our souls. So I trade my existence as an heiress for giant bugs, coffee and dishwashing water, and a cranky single dad named Teague Miller.

Teague spends his days fishing, raising his plucky teenager, and living rent-free in my mind after an unfortunate cheese curd incident. The only thing he and I can agree on is that I don’t belong here. He is willing to help me escape, until the unexpected happens.

I like him. I might even like him more than him.

But am I willing to give up the life I’ve loved for a man I love to hate?

The One Who Loves You Book Pdf Download

Pippa Grant has a new series folks, and the first book made me blush! The One Who Loves You is the first novel in the Tickled Pink series and was like The Beverly Hillbillies but in reverse, meaning the rich move to a small town. When Phoebe Lightly’s 30-year-old grandmother has a near-death experience for her, Phoebe doesn’t expect her family to move from New York’s Upper East Side to Tickled Pink, Wisconsin. Suffice it to say that her Louboutins weren’t made for the more rustic setting of the quaint town with its quirky residents.

However, Teague Miller is more about grumps than quirks. The 37-year-old single father of a teenage daughter would rather spend his time fishing than with a spoiled heiress. It’s clear Teague doesn’t think Phoebe belongs with Tickled Pink, so maybe he’s helping her get back to the life he knows. But the more time she spends in this small Wisconsin town, the more she wants to stay; and the more she’s with Teague, her daughter, and the townspeople, the more Phoebe hopes that maybe she belongs.

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Pippa Grant’s quirky romantic comedy soothes my soul, and when I read something she wrote in a less-than-stellar day, it’s like that little light and laugh I need: a kind of pick-me-up. In Phoebe and Teague’s story, the town itself was just as important as the cast of characters, almost as if Tickled Pink was a character as well. It was interesting to see how Phoebe and the rest of the Lightlys tried to assimilate all things Tickled Pink and become part of the town instead of just residents.

Our main characters also seemed to overcome a lot of obstacles, as they didn’t seem to have anything in common, but I always say that people tend to have more in common than they seem or would like to admit. I enjoyed the humor and romance that was quintessential Pippa Grant and definitely have no qualms about returning to Tickled Pink Town in December!

This is a masterful story of enlightenment and growth, deviously wrapped up in a romantic comedy. It is a story of helplessness, peculiar people, love, absurdity, drama, sweet moments, strong families, dysfunctional families, sexy times, painful pasts, and love. And while the book is funny, it’s also a deeply emotional book. At its core, it’s a story of stunted, damaged, and wounded, but not broken, people finding their way together by accepting their choices, acknowledging their scars, embracing life, and choosing to be the best version of themselves. It is a story about the power of choice.

Phoebe Lightly is a workaholic socialite with a middle management position in her family’s company whose main goal is to become CEO one day. She is not a very nice person and her family is dysfunctional in every way. When Gigi, the family’s matriarch and bully, is nearly suffocated by her grandmother, she decides the whole family should move to Tickled Pink, a small town in Wisconsin that’s the home of a famous movie, so they can become better people and save their lives. their souls. Teague Miller is a divorced single dad who lives in a ticklish pink tree house, owns goats, sells real estate, fishes, and has secrets.

Phoebe’s relationship with Teague begins when she falls into the lake during negotiations, so she can only go up and into something much deeper and much more meaningful. The book is well written, has deep characters, lots of funny dialogue, hilarious moments, and an intriguing plot. The book will captivate you from the first word to the last and Phoebe’s transformation will give you all the emotions: snorting, laughing, crying, fainting, panting, crawling, gnashing teeth and cheers. I have read and loved all of the Pippa Grant books, but this is my absolute favorite book, one that I will read multiple times. I am also looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

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Pippa Grant’s The One Who Loves You (Tickled Pink #1) is a slow-burn contemporary romantic comedy that fishes out of water and hides between enemies and lovers, told in dual first-person point of view. The story follows the relationship between New York socialite Phoebe Lightly and divorced single mother Teague Miller, who meet after Lightly matriarch Estelle blackmails her family into moving to the seedy little town of Tickled. Pink, Wisconsin, so everyone can learn to be good. people.

I loved the Teague and Phoebe story. As characters, they were quirky, well-developed, and easy to identify. I also liked some secondary characters. On the surface, Phoebe and Teague are opposites. She’s a spoiled, rich socialite who dreams of being the CEO of the family business, and he’s a quiet small-town father doing his best to raise his teenage daughter. But they have a common goal: they both want the Lightlys to disappear from Tickled Pink.

Opposites attract when Phoebe and Teague team up to get Estelle out of town. They find more in common than expected, and both grow from their time together. This is a good story and a good introduction to the new series. I hope to revisit the Tickled Pink in future books.

The One Who Loves You is the first book in Pippa Grant’s new series, Tickled Pink. When I first saw this cover I knew I had to read this book and I loved it!

Phoebe Lightly is 30 years old and lives in the New York. Her family is ridiculously rich and her lifestyle is filled with all the luxuries that money can buy! But Phoebe also has a goal of one day running the business her family started. She will do anything to make this happen! But when her grandmother nearly drowns, she says her entire family must work on her soul to make sure the Pearl Gates await her. So she forces Phoebe, her two siblings, and her parents to move to Tickled Pink, Wisconsin, for a year.

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Teague Miller is about thirty-eight years old, I think. He is a single father to his fifteen-year-old daughter Bridget, whom he absolutely adored. Teague’s life is full of fishing and taking care of his goats. He occasionally sells real estate, and that’s how he met Phoebe’s grandmother, Gigi. He sold her the rundown old high school that she insists her family move in and clean and fix herself. He doesn’t care what she does with it, but how much the sale will help her little community.

Phoebe came to town in her fancy shoes and powerful outfit of hers, ready to do anything to get out of this crazy city and back to New York. Her first meeting with Teague may not have gone well at all! These two may have been like oil and water, but they have one thing in common: they both want the Lightlys out of town.

“I wish you didn’t do that.”
“That I have to do?”
“Make me like you more.”

The more time Phoebe spends in Tickled Pink and she gets to know the townspeople, the more she sees the kind of person she used to be and also the kind of person she wants to be, someone kind, someone honorable, someone who Teague cares. as she begins to take care him.

“She’s not what I’m supposed to be attracted to, but I can’t help about it. Probably because she’s more than I thought when she arrived. She. Even she might be more than she thought.”

I loved seeing Phoebe’s transformation. But she wasn’t the only one who has changed. Teague hadn’t let anyone into his heart except his daughter for a long, long time. He was definitely not prepared for the forces of nature that was Phoebe. And for the effect she would have on him.

The Lightly family is really a mess. He was particularly fascinated by Phoebe’s brother, Carter. He adored Teague’s daughter. She is fifteen years old and is in her thirties! This book was a pleasure to read. It’s quite a long book, but I couldn’t put it down and read it in two days. There is always one of the two main characters in a book that captures my heart more than the other, and this time it was Phoebe. She had so much heart, and so much determination. How could I not love her?! This was an amazing read and I can’t wait to see what comes next in this series!

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