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The Brighter The Light book pdf download for free or read online, also The Brighter The Light pdf was written by Mary Ellen Taylor.

A Southern native, Mary Ellen Taylor’s love for her home state of Virginia is evident in her contemporary women’s books, including Sweet Expectations, The View from Prince Street, At the Corner of King Street, Winter Cottage , Spring House, Union Street Bakery, and Honeysuckle Season. Season. In her latest novel, The Brighter The Light, she brings to life her new home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Like so many people, her protagonists search for her place in the world and deal with issues of family, home, love and belonging. Inevitably, Mary Ellen’s stories weave together setting, history and mystery, spanning past and present.

Mary Ellen is also known nationally as the New York Times and USA Today best-selling thriller, Mary Burton. Together they have published 45 novels and five short stories.

When she’s not traveling or snuggling with her writing, Mary Ellen spends time with her husband and enjoys her empty nest and pampering her mini dachshunds, Buddy, Bella and Tiki.

BookThe Brighter The Light
AuthorMary Ellen Taylor
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The Brighter The Light Book PDF download for free

The Brighter The Light Book PDF download for free

When a shipwreck appears, ancient mysteries are sure to surface.

At least that’s the tradition in Ivy Neale’s hometown of Nags Head, North Carolina. When Ivy inherits her family’s beach house after her grandmother’s death, she knows that returning to Nags Head means facing her best friend and boyfriend who cheated on her years ago.

But then a winter storm unearths the local legend’s shipwreck, and Ivy soon starts stumbling upon more skeletons in the closet besides her own. Amidst the mess of the cabin are clues to her grandmother’s past at the charming spa that was once owned by her family.

One fateful summer of 1950, the arrival of a colorful singer rocked staff and guests alike, and not everyone made it down.

As Ivy deals with broken relationships and a budding romance in the present, the past threatens to take her with it. But as she discovers the strength of her grandmother and the women who came before her, she realizes that she is like the legendary shipwreck: the sand may be moving around her, but she has made the difference. her home here by the sea.

The Brighter The Light Book Pdf Download

I really enjoyed this story. The story takes place on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and revolves around the seaside resort of Nags Head. It is told in a dual timeline, with Ruth narrating in the 1950s and her granddaughter Ivy in 2022.

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When Ivy inherits her grandmother’s cabin, she returns home from a stint as a cook in New York City to check out the remains of her family compound before selling the house. Like the local shipwreck that occasionally lurks offshore after a storm, family secrets emerge that pique Ivy’s curiosity. She is determined to unravel the many mysteries of the past before leaving her life on the Outer Banks once more.

Ivy must confront her mistakes and memories of her from her past. Will Ella be able to forgive her best friend for marrying her ex-boyfriend after leaving her for a different future than she had planned? Will she find a way to forgive herself for leaving her best friends and her Grandma Ruth? Does love lurk on the shore for Ivy?

Sorting through her feelings and the remains of Ruth’s life at Seaside Resort, Ivy finds clues to the many mysteries of the past. Will she be able to piece together the rubble to finally understand what made her grandmother the woman, innkeeper, and surrogate mother that Ivy loved so much?

The author’s writing style suits the story well. It is descriptive without becoming too flowery. The rhythm reminds me of the time on the coast. Slowly and steadily, but as captivating as the waves, the story unfolded until I couldn’t stop reading. I was so enthralled by the story that I bought the audiobook, which allowed me to switch between the Kindle and my headphones and ensured that I was still doing my homework when I couldn’t bear to put the book down.

The characters open up to reveal their thoughts, feelings, and mistakes. I understood his motivation and the story triggered some nostalgic memories of my own summer vacations as a teenager. There is something very magical about looking at our youthful past through the lens of age.

Mysteries are at the heart of this charming family saga. The plot is strong enough to support the many characters and their mysteries, creating a story that is sure to be one of my best reads of the year. I hope my review inspires you to learn more about The Brighter the Light.

  • There is a family tree at the end of the book that will help put the ending in perspective, but I recommend that you wait until you have finished the book to read it. It contains important information that spoils the grand finale the author wrote for you.*
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Depression-era families were excellent keepers of secrets, and the smaller and more closely knit the community, the more likely those secrets will never see the light of day. But when the grandmother who raised Ivy Neale allows her to have her cabin by the sea, family secrets of generations are slowly revealed.

Ruth Wheeler grew up in her parents’ resort town of Nags Head, NC. Edna and Jake have always been honest with Ruth about how they became her parents, thanks to a woman who left a baby wrapped in a pink blanket in one of the resort’s cabins in the dead of night.

Ivy Neale left Seaside Resort and Nags Head the day after she graduated from high school. Only after her grandmother Ruth’s death does Ivy return home. Ruth’s cabin is littered with decades of flotsam from the closed Seaside Resort and personal belongings collected throughout her life. As Ivy surveys the remnants of a bygone era, the mysteries of her family’s past begin to unravel, binding Ivy to the home she left behind in ways she never could have imagined.

Told primarily from the perspective of twelve-year-old Ruth and modern-day Ivy, we learn about pivotal events in the summer of 1950 that have a significant impact on Ivy’s life. With shipwrecks, ghosts, and summer vacationers, we find the family doing their best to support and protect each other in more ways than we can imagine.

Once again, this masterful narrator draws the reader in with a relaxed and comfortable style as he delivers information that will leave the reader hanging on his every word. She stirs our longing for simpler times, while at the same time she highlights the importance of keeping family history alive for generations to come. Poignant, intriguing, and heartfelt, this extraordinary saga of family, legacy, and home is a tantalizing escapade and will be one of your absolute favorite reads of the year.

This two-timeline novel tells the story of Ruth in 1950 and her granddaughter Ivy’s story in 2022, centering on the Seaside Resort in Nags Head, North Carolina. Both timelines are very interesting and well written and fit together perfectly.

Ruth is 12 years old and lives in Nags Head. Her parents own a small motel and she works hard to keep the rooms clean and the tenants happy. She’s an only child and lonely, but this summer her 14-year-old cousin Tally came down from the mountains to help out at the Seaside Resort and they became friends with her. The summer of 1950 was complete at the Seaside Resort, and though Ruth and Tally work hard, they always find time for adventure. This summer is different from previous years: an old shipwreck washed up on the beach after a big storm. Also, Carlotta, a beautiful singer, comes to the hotel to be the entertainer for a few weeks.

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Ivy has returned to the Outer Banks after her grandmother Ruth’s death. Her plan is to clean out Ruth’s house, sell the cabin, and go back to New York. She had left Nag’s head right out of high school, leaving behind her two best friends without explaining why she was leaving. She has not forgiven her for leaving them and she knows that she has to face them. After a big storm, the same shipwreck washes up on the beach and arouses great interest among the people of the area. As Ruth searches through her grandmother’s trash heaps, she finds some gems that help her understand the mystery of her grandmother’s early life.

Both Ruth and Ivy were braver and tougher than they thought. Both spent their childhood in the Spa and both try to discover secrets from past generations. Ruth wants to know who her biological mother is and she thinks she could be Carlotta. Ivy wants to find out about her grandmother’s life and discovers that Ruth left some clues in the piles of things that she had in her house. Ivy also has to deal with two old friends and a possible romance, as she is forced to choose between returning to New York or staying on the Outer Banks.

What could be better than a southern fiction novel to read on a cold, dreary winter’s day? Southern fiction is my favorite genre and I kinda missed the Mary Ellen Taylor books. She is now on my list of favorite southern authors and I will not miss another of her books in the future and plan to order some of her earlier books. This book is full of mysteries, family, lost friends and missed opportunities in two generations of the same family. If you like a great book with cute characters, don’t miss this book!

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