Download Desperation In Death [PDF] By J. D. Robb

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Desperation In Death book pdf download for free or read online, also Desperation In Death pdf was written by J. D. Robb.

J. D. Robb is the pen name of New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts. She is the author of more than 200 novels, including the futuristic thriller series In Death. There are over 500 million printed copies of her books.

BookDesperation In Death
AuthorJ. D. Robb
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Desperation In Death Book PDF download for free

Desperation In Death Book PDF download for free

New York, 2061: The place called Pleasure Academy is a living nightmare where kidnapped girls are trapped and trained for a miserable life of service while their souls are slowly but surely destroyed. Dorian, a thirteen-year-old escapee imprisoned there, might never have found out had it not been for his fellow inmate Mina, who hatched the escape plan. Mina was the more daring of the two, but they had been just as desperate.

Unfortunately, they didn’t get away fast enough. Now wounded, terrified, Dorian wanders the streets of New York and Mina lies dead near the boardwalk as Lt. Eve Dallas is monitoring the scene.

Desperation In Death Book Pdf Download

Mina’s expensive and fancy clothes and beauty products convince Dallas that she has been groomed for the sex trade, both literally and figuratively, and that windfall profits await anyone who invests in this high-cost operation. Her billionaire husband, Roarke, can help, given his connections to the city’s super-rich. But Roarke is also concerned about the impact this case is having on Dallas, as he brings to the surface an anger he can barely control. No matter what happens, she must keep a clear head, because above all she yearns for justice and wants to bring down those who exploit and torment the innocent.

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