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Devil’s Way book pdf download for free or read online, also Devil’s Way pdf was written by Robert Bryndza.

BookDevil’s Way
AuthorRobert Bryndza
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Devil’s Way Book PDF download for free

Devil's Way Book PDF download for free

Kate Marshall is in the hospital recovering from a flood that nearly killed her and begins a conversation with Jean, the old woman in the next bed. Jean tells a heartbreaking story about a family vacation gone horribly wrong. Camping on the moor one night with her daughter, the couple of her daughter and her young son Jean, who shared a tent with young Charlie, got distracted for a few moments and allowed Charlie to disappear. Eleven years later, Charlie is still missing.

The devastation caused at that time tore the family apart and still consumes Jean’s mind. Discovering that Kate is a private investigator, Jean asks her to look into Charlie’s disappearance. Still reeling from her near drowning, Kate agrees. As Kate and Tristan begin to investigate, it becomes clear that Jean has a dark past. Could she be the reason why Charlie disappeared? Or the Devil’s Way, a rushing river near her camp, swept Charlie away…?

Devil’s Way Pdf Download

Devil’s Way is a skillfully written, immersive, slow-burn mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed. This was my first encounter with the character of Kate Marshall and it’s safe to say I can’t wait to meet her. So much so that I now have the previous three books on TBR waiting for me. I’m curious if Kate’s traumatic past, referenced a couple of times in Devil’s Way, will be fully explored in any of the earlier books.

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I am intrigued and also I really want to know everything that happened to this woman! What I’m saying, since I’m a crime reader and have an unspoken rule not to start a series in the middle (usually!), I found this book so easy and straightforward that I was able to dive into it without much knowledge. what happened to these characters before.

When I start a series in the middle, I often feel pretty lost. There are references to events you don’t know about. Relationships are discussed and can be confusing. Who? What? Where from? Hey? That was definitely not the case here. This is the most original part of a novel series that I can remember. hehe It’s incredibly well done and I commend the author for making it easy for the reader to absorb and enjoy. If you haven’t read this series yet, don’t worry. Devil’s Way works amazingly well as a standalone game. But I guarantee you’ll do the same as me and add the first three books to your TBR when you get to the end!

Eleven years is a long time. the evidence is lost. Memories change, sometimes they change completely and the witnesses are no longer around to talk. Kate and her assistant Tristan struggle to move the case forward. Kate’s slow recovery after nearly drowning didn’t help. I was totally immersed in the lives of the characters and the investigation as a whole.

When I didn’t turn over every stone, I held on tighter. The book is beautifully paced and keeps the reader fully within the pages of the story, desperate to find out what happened to Charlie. Being a cold case, it moves at a slower pace at times, but I love the gradual unraveling that the author has done so well here. And of course, being a Robert Bryndza novel, there are perfectly placed moments of high tension that made me hold my breath. Wonderful things!

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Would I recommend this book? I would, yes I loved Devil’s Way and can’t wait to read the first three books in the series ASAP. This is such a well written crime thriller with excellent characterization and the most impressive setting that the author brings to life with ease. I loved everything about Devil’s Way and will recommend it to everyone. Yes, it’s the fourth book in the series, but it absolutely works without having read the others.

Robert Bryndza continues to be one of my favorite authors and I’m so excited for the author’s first standalone psychological thriller, Fear the Silence, to hit shelves this summer. All in all, an excellent read, quite entertaining, absolutely gripping and atmospheric cold case investigation with a new favorite character. It’s nice to have a private investigator at the helm for a refreshing change of scene. Highly recommended.


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