Download Filthy Truth [PDF] By Serena Akeroyd

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Filthy Truth book pdf download for free or read online, also Filthy Truth pdf was written by Serena Akeroyd.

BookFilthy Truth
AuthorSerena Akeroyd
Size798 KB

Filthy Truth Book PDF download for free

Filthy Truth Book PDF download for free

This book was amazing and from the first page you knew you were expecting something special. This book has everything that makes for a fantastic reading experience. It moves at a pace that is perfect for the flow of this story. Acceleration and deceleration as necessary. The characters are so real that you feel like you know them and no matter what, you can’t help but love them. This is a must read book and is definitely on your TBR list.

Filthy Truth Pdf Download

Filthy Truth picks up right where Filthy Lies left off… with a bang! We were thrown back into the fray and I have to admit that even though he was fierce, he was cheering the whole time!

The absolute tenderness that Conor feels for Star melts my heart. He considers the past abuse of him and gives her the love he never had. Their first time together was everything. I cried with love for these two! Of course, while Conor is affectionate with Star, he’s a bad Mammer-Jammer when he’s acting like a Five Pointer. Furious! ?️ He did what he had to do!

I loved how Star stayed true to herself while showing Conor how much he meant to her. Her feelings for each other were absolutely right. For me it’s the little things that say I love you. Conor shows in the simplest way how he loves, which means more than words could say. Star really showed Conor that even in the worst of times, there’s always room to grow. She shows him how much she never thought that she could love someone.

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This book gave us all the things we wanted in this amazing series. We see family together like never before. With such bittersweet moments, old questions were answered. New things were shown in the most heartbreaking way possible. I look forward to a future in this universe and I will keep coming back. The books are so good!

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