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Thorne Princess book pdf download for free or read online, also Thorne Princess pdf was written by L.J. Shen.

BookThorne Princess
AuthorL.J. Shen
Size777 KB

Thorne Princess Book PDF download for free

Thorne Princess Book PDF download for free

Thorne Princess is a dark, indie, contemporary romance about Hallie Thorne and Ransom Lockwood. It is a grumpy sun, enemies of lovers bodyguard romance. It’s full of jokes, hard truths, heartbreaking moments, action, lust, steam, spice… basically everything you know and love about an LJ Shen book.

Please note: This book contains content warnings, and if you have specific triggers, you should read them on LJ Shen’s website or read with caution.

Thorne Princess Pdf Download

Hallie Thorne is a social media influencer living the good life with her Hollywood friends, designer clothes and no rules or worries. But the truth about her superficial life is hidden behind sarcasm, walls and layers. When her nipple wanted to come out and play, just as the photographers were all around her, her parents decided the free ride was over and Hallie needed to learn a lesson and grow up with a little help.

Said help is a callous and grumpy bodyguard/security guard, and he’s giving Hallie a run for her parents’ money. They are complete opposites and learning to live with each other is one challenge and meeting their parents and their standards is another. Will he survive and save face for her, or will he dig a deeper hole and take him with her?

Ransom Lockwood is co-owner of Lockwood and Whitfield Protection Services. He is a grumpy antisocial caveman who is a workaholic and barely enjoys the finer things in life or life in general. Not wanting to be a glorified babysitter, he realizes that the connections he could make after this job would make a world of difference to the company, so he takes the job with a grain of salt and a plan. He had no idea that his ward would make him ring the bell and much more. Will he be able to finish this job or will he need to find someone new to assign the job to?

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The way Hallie and Ransom meet is definitely a cute match for the books, and their relationship gets off to a rocky start from there. Their romance is a slow burn that heats up as they get over themselves and indulge their lustful desires while taking you on an emotional roller coaster. Her story is filled with heartbreak, hard truths, and healing. These two beautifully broken souls find a way to heal and realize their worth together.

I’m a fan of the authors and haven’t read their entire list, but I’m familiar with their style of writing. That being said, Thorne Princess is probably one of the top 10 books I’ve read that hit my heart, rocked my soul, and left me reeling afterwards. There are so many things I want to say, but if I say more in this review, I have to spoil it and you should read this book without spoilers. So if you are not afraid to take a walk on the dark side, then one click recommend this book. You will not regret!

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