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Double Play book pdf download for free or read online, also Double Play pdf was written by E.M. Lindsey.

BookDouble Play
AuthorE.M. Lindsey
Size280 KB

Double Play Book PDF download for free

Double Play Book PDF download for free

If self-destruction is an art form, then Hervé is a master artist.

After all, he’s been perfecting self-sabotage since he was young and promising.

He spent his life running from his past, pushing anyone who might break down his walls, but it wasn’t until his body betrayed him that he realized how lonely his present had become. Now he’s out in the field trying to figure out if something’s worth saving and wondering if he’s the kind of man who’s ever worth a second chance.

Double Play Pdf Download

Even when Orion Coulter, one of the Denver Vikings’ star pitchers, shows up in his small town like some kind of doomed knight on a white horse, Hervé doesn’t trust him. When Orion is close to all the men, how can he hurt Hervé?

But Orion’s situation is more complicated than Hervé imagined, full of pain and sorrow, looking for some kind of escape. And while Hervé knows he doesn’t quite deserve the chance to meet the man of his dreams, Orion’s steady voice, gentle hands, and impossible promises make him wonder if maybe, just maybe, the universe is ready to give up, by chance it isn’t. earn.

This is the final book in the hit MM baseball romance series. It depicts land kisses, pain, redemption, long walks, careful treatment, and an achingly tender happy ending.

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