Download Off The Deep End [PDF] By Lucinda Berry

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Off The Deep End book pdf download for free or read online, also Off The Deep End pdf was written by Lucinda Berry.

BookOff The Deep End
AuthorLucinda Berry
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Off The Deep End Book PDF download for free

Off The Deep End Book PDF download for free

The idyllic suburban life of Jules Hart, a therapist-turned-housewife, is shattered when her car crashes into a frozen lake. Her son and another teenager go underwater with her, but Jules can only save one, the wrong one.

Shocked by her son’s death, Jules falls into a violent and unstable mental state. Ten months after the accident, she’s still trying to come to terms with the fact that she saved Isaac Greer, another woman’s son, when Isaac suddenly disappears.

Off The Deep End Pdf Download

Jules finds himself at the center of a massive police investigation. Though she harbors her own dangerous secrets, Jules insists she didn’t take Isaac with her. But then who did it? Is Isaac the victim of a dangerous killer preying on children in the Midwest? Or is there someone else pulling the strings in this deadly game?

Ten months ago, Jules’ life changed abruptly. While driving his teenage son and another boy home from a basketball game, he dodges a deer on the road, loses control of the car, and crashes into a frozen lake. Jules is only able to save one of the children and works desperately to free what she believes is her son Gabe, only to realize too late that she saved Isaac.

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Understandably distraught over the death of her son, Jules’ mental health is deteriorating to the point that she is in a mental hospital when we meet her. Meanwhile, Isaac has disappeared and his mother is sure that Jules has something to do with his disappearance.

Lucinda Berry is so good. His writing style grabs you from the start. Her background as a psychologist makes her characters and their problems jump off the page (or screen if you’re using an e-reader). I really like the multi-perspective structure that allows you to get inside the characters’ minds. This is particularly effective with Jules as her insights and self-talk are juxtaposed with her interactions with her psychiatrist and the reader seeks to discover what is real and what is not, and what is mental illness and manipulation.

I have to say…there’s a reason this book is called “Off The Deep End” because everything about it is just that: Out of the Deep End. Literally the car accident. Figuratively speaking, Jules’ sanity. And from a plot point of view, about 80% of the time the story gets out of hand. I’ll be the first to admit that I love a twist that I never saw coming, but a character arc takes such a wild turn that it’s completely out of left field and not predicted in any way. It kind of ruined the momentum for me, but the final chapter makes up for it with one final crazy twist.


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