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Stolen book pdf download for free or read online, also Stolen pdf was written by Ann-Helén Laestadius.

AuthorAnn-Helén Laestadius
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Stolen Book PDF download for free

Stolen Book PDF download for free

On a winter’s day north of the Arctic Circle, nine-year-old Elsa, the daughter of a Sami reindeer herder, watches as a man brutally kills her beloved reindeer calf and silences her. When their father takes them to report the crime, the local police tell them they can’t do anything with these “stolen” animals. Murders like this are classified as robberies in reports that continue to mount without investigation. But reindeer are not only the livelihood of the Sámi, they also have spiritual significance; Attacking a reindeer is an attack on culture itself.

Ten years later, hatred and threats against the Sámi continue to escalate, and even more reindeer are being tortured and killed in Elsa’s community. Eventually he has had enough and decides to push back the apathetic police. This time, the hunter goes after her, leading to a disastrous final confrontation.

Stolen Pdf Download

Ann-Hélén Laestadius’ award-winning novel, Stolen, based on true events, is part coming-of-age story, part love song to a vanishing natural world, and part electrifying countdown to dramatic resolution: a searing depiction of a forgotten one Part of Sweden. .

A coming of age story and tragedy rolled into one. Animal lovers should know in advance that this is sometimes very difficult to read (there is a particularly cruel scene). Elsa sees the man who killed and mutilated her reindeer, and his cruelty follows her and her family through their lives. He’s eight years old when it happens and he can’t help it, especially when more reindeer are found dead and the police don’t even come out to take the reports.

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This novel follows Elsa as she grows up and her Sami community and. unfortunately Robert, who follows in his father’s footsteps by slaughtering the reindeer. Elsa is determined to hold him accountable one day, but he keeps running away and turning on her. Elsa’s beloved cousins, her parents, her brother, her grandmother, her friends all play a part in it and above all the reindeer. Laestadius will show you its beauty and the snow. I liked the atmosphere (the clothes, the food, the ice cream) as well as Elsa who is a dynamic character and I learned a lot.


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