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I Will Find You Book pdf download for free or read online, also I Will Find You pdf was written by Harlan Coben.

BookI Will Find You
AuthorHarlan Coben
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I Will Find You Book PDF download for free

I Will Find You Book PDF download for free

Imagine living in a closed box with only a small hole in the center of the front to see outside. Imagine feeling that all four sides are closing in on you and there is no way to escape. David Burroughs lives in that kind of world, but his world is a small, rundown prison cell with the bars in front of him. In prison for killing his son, or so he believes, he relays the vision he saw asking from his drunken daze.

No visitors and no real contact with anyone for five years until a dangerous prisoner killed by someone from the outside decides to create a dangerous situation and his quiet life as a prisoner turns into a living nightmare. A simple photo and a visitor of the prisoner will open a slight crack in the box with a small ray of sunlight.

I Will Find You Pdf Download

Approaching the warden with what he wants caused an unexpected reaction, but after the warden went on an unscheduled trip, his perspective only changed when David was attacked by an inmate, threatened by a warden, and next time, you won’t believe it. . . Lives are about to be turned upside down and what follows is a daring prison break for author Harlan Coben to make it. When David breaks free, his visitor is his contact and they are about to embark on a deadly roller coaster ride that will take more than us and wild depths.

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As Rachel, her sister-in-law and visitor, gathers more information about her son, her ex-wife, and how she helped make something happen, if there is still something unknown about her son, the reader will dine as David did. discovered.
When he finds a key witness who had no choice but to lie about him at his trial, another lead is uncovered.

Rachel is tormented by her own demons and why she feels responsible for someone’s death. As we explain to her close friend Tim about her and her connection to a big story she needed, we next meet the warden being questioned by Detective Semsey, who has been asking him questions about the breakout. . FBI Special Agent Max Bernstein and his partner Sarah are an unlikely team, both full of humor, sarcasm and intensity. Questioning the guard with naked, veiled threats because he thought he was going to give up on David.

Events escalate when Rachel visits the woman who lied on the witness stand and David shows up as well. What will the old lady do when the police and sirens wail? David has to go on the run once more and this would endanger a police officer and he would use some kind of brute force.
Then Max and Sarah questioned Hilde Winslow, and you have to read her responses about how smart she was, as they couldn’t reveal her story even when she bombarded them with questions in a relentless barrage. How David Escapes is right before an episode about Spiderman or Superman.

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Then he and Rachel must come up with a plan to find out if the boy in the photo is really his son. But with many obstacles in her way, the police and the FBI interrogate her and then confront her sister Cheryl, who discovers the secret she has been keeping for years.

As the story progresses, Rachel runs into an old friend whose family was involved in the incident where she found Matthew’s photo. Hayden Payne is on drugs and Gertrude, aka Pixie, have a secret about David’s son. But it goes back to something Rachel did to help her sister, and in the end, you, the reader, will decide if she’s guilty, not guilty, and who is Matthew’s father.

As the FBI move on and interview more people, Rachel and David devise a plan that they hope will come to fruition. Her confrontation with her friend Irene hers proves dangerous and quite captivating as more and more hidden lies are revealed.

This is far from over as Sarah herself searches for DNA and paternity clues, confirming who was the child who was killed, who is Matthew’s father, and Max refuses to believe her until you believe what happens next. A confrontation that nearly ended fatally, a confrontation that could have killed David, and shots rang out in many directions.

Author Harlan Coben shines a light on it all as Cheryl and David butt heads, Rachel could be arrested, there are other accomplices, and what about the jailer and his son? Money talks, but David survives being kidnapped by a mob when he’s supposed to know someone about his son. Some endings are new beginnings. Money talks, but the killer and someone else will be skating.

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A father determined to find his son through thick and thin, betrayals, lies, murders, cover-ups, mob connections, kidnappings, deceit and more are just part of the story of a man, David Burroughs, who would not give up, until that he did what he promised his son: I WILL FIND YOU! He has? What else has he discovered about himself?

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