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First Comes Scandal book pdf download for free or read online, also First Comes Scandal pdf was written by Julia Quinn.

1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn loves to dispel the myth that smart women don’t read (or write) romance novels, and in 2001 she did it brilliantly by appearing on the game show The Weakest Link and walked away with the top prize of $79,000.

BookFirst Comes Scandal
AuthorJulia Quinn
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First Comes Scandal Book PDF download for free

First Comes Scandal Alone Book PDF download for free

There was Bridgerton before the eight brothers named alphabetically. In the fourth installment of the Bridgerton prequel series, following The Other Miss Bridgerton, we return to where it all began. . . by Julia Quinn, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author

First Comes Scandal Book Pdf Download

I love the Julia Quinn books and have read all the Bridgerton and Rokesby books. So I couldn’t wait for this one.

Nicholas Rokeby is an upstanding man studying to become Dr. It’s a nice change from where most romances start. The Bridgertons and the Rokesbys have always been neighbors. Now that some of them have married, it’s like a very big family. Georgiana’s brother Edmund was like the brother to the Nicholas because they are the same age. Georgie, who was only a year younger, was always under her feet. They have known each other there their whole lives.

After being kidnapped and spending a whole day alone with a certain Freddie Oake, Georgie is a drunken gambler who was expelled from Eton for cheating. She needs money to pay off her debts quickly and Georgie’s dowry is very large. Although she escapes before she can be harmed, her reputation is ruined. The bin rules are very strict for single girls. Although Georgie has done nothing wrong, she is broke. The man is told nothing except that he marry her. That’s why he took her in the first place.

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When Nicholas finds out that his father allowed her to talk him out of the exams, he had to travel 2 countries for 2 weeks only to be told not to ask to save Georgie, he is hurt and very upset.
Poor Georgie knows that she has done nothing wrong, but no one listens to her. She cried a lot of tears, got angry and threw things, talked to her three cats and hid in her room. Her life as she knew it is now over.

As Nicholas and Georgie come to an agreement about what needs to be done, how it will change things for them, what
learn from each other. This is a love story through and through, which has some drama, but nothing really bad.

It’s a wonderful story of two people who thought they knew everything about each other. You learn different.
Some reviews have said that it’s a slow story, no, it’s just not an action story. But if you’re looking for a big Escape from what is happening, this is the story for you. No big drama, villains love the best. They both tell secrets.

The story would not be the same with the three cats of the butler of both families and with Georgie’s. They will make you laugh out loud. Give this book a chance, it’s one I know I’ll keep reading.

When his father calls Nicholas Rokesby from medical school, he has no idea what’s going on and is less than pleased to learn that his father wants him to “save” Georgiana “Georgie” Bridgerton from ruin by marrying her. . He doesn’t care about Georgie, he likes her, but he never thought of her that way and he’s not sure he can…

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Georgie is furious, she escaped from Freddie Oaks, the coward who kidnapped her and tried to force her to escape from her, but instead of praising her ability to save herself from her, the bin thinks she’s broke! She has the choice of marrying Freddie, not in this life, or retiring to the country and living her life as a spinster. Neither option is attractive, so she should be glad when Nicholas suggests…

Georgie doesn’t want Nicholas’s sympathy and she makes her refusal clear, but later, when she has had time to think, she knows she made a big mistake. Luckily, Freddie decides to pay Georgie a late-night visit by the window and ends up needing medical attention. Fortunately, Georgie meets a budding doctor! After helping him take care of Freddie, her Georgie admits that she made a mistake and asks if she can think twice. Nicholas proposes to her again, and this time she accepts. Could it be that the scandal was just what they needed to see what was there all along?

This was a very sweet and well written story by friends for lovers. Nicholas and Georgie are very personable and their transition from friends to lovers is believable and entertaining. The book is full of witty jokes, lots of cats, well-meaning parents, a slow romance that flares into passion, and a very satisfying HEA (it’s a bit slow in spots and not much drama/conflict), but if you’re looking An easy, fun, uncomplicated, feel-good read. Look no further, this is the book! This is the fourth book in the series, but it can easily be read as a stand-alone title.

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