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Fortune Furlough book pdf download for free or read online, also Fortune Furlough pdf was written by Jana DeLeon.

BookFortune Furlough
AuthorJana DeLeon
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Fortune Furlough Road Book PDF download for free

Fortune Furlough Road Book PDF download for free

It’s not a vacation until there’s a murder.

Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie finally head to Florida for that vacation they’ve always been talking about. Days of white sand, turquoise water and fruity drinks are the only things on the agenda. But when Gertie’s “hot date” turns up dead and she’s the number one suspect, they’re forced to hang up their bathing suits and go into investigative mode.

They soon find out that Gertie’s boyfriend has been exhibiting all sorts of shady behaviors, leaving them with a long list of people who are glad he died. But which one resorted to murder?

Fortune Furlough Book Pdf Download

Jana DeLeon provided another hilarious and well thought out mystery. Swamp Team 3 heads to Florida for a much-needed and well-deserved vacation. As befits Gertie, she sets about catching the attention of the resort’s entire male population, and unsurprisingly things don’t go as planned. I loved the twists and turns in this book and the mystery left no holes.

But what I appreciated was that while they weren’t in Sinful, I didn’t miss some of the main supporting characters. Of course Carter was involved. i love this character. And I would miss them if they went for more than one book, but it really felt like a vacation and we met some new characters, like most people do on vacation. Flawlessly done Jana! This series fills me with laughter and there is literally no one like it. I know. I checked.

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I always like Fortune, but the criticism that Deleon is getting lazy is spot on. Gertie is now over the top and more boring than funny. Ida Belle is static, a waste of a smart woman, and Fortune’s CIA skills don’t show much. This is more of a novel than a full story, it went very quickly and was a very quick read.

The lack of character development is a problem. Cecilia (at home in Sinful) is not a worthy opponent, let’s face it. Carter has become less interesting than the “suffering man” who always stands on the sidelines with Walter. Team 3 needs some changes, but Ms. Deleon may not be up to the task. Those are the only books of hers I like, so maybe the best of her is behind her.

What do you get when you send a former CIA agent and two Vietnam veterans who were spies on vacation to Florida together?
Much more action than most tourists! From Gertie losing her bikini top and being rescued by a “gentleman” who takes her out for dinner, to Ida Belle’s dream come true, the boating experience with lots in between! Fortune holds her head and remembers they weren’t in Kansas anymore, ok sinful, and realizes that the techniques used at home wouldn’t help in Florida. With completely different parameters, Swamp Team 3 is busy solving murders to prevent Gertie from being arrested by a lazy temporary sheriff! And the rest is hilarious.

I love everything about this series from Fortune’s assessment of the people she meets to Gertie’s silliness to Ida Belle’s fascination with speed and vehicles of all kinds. I wish Jana Deleon could write more books faster because Swamp Team 3 lets her reality appear overrated.

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Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie vacation in Florida at a resort. On her first day at the beach, Gertie loses her red sequined bikini top when a huge wave knocks her over. Fortune has to save her with the help of an old man. The man invites Gertie out to dinner, and Gertie is all Twitter with the attention. Unfortunately, the next morning, the clumsy deputy arrives to frame Gertie for murdering the man she ate with.

It turned out the man had been cheating older women out of their life savings and (spoiler alert) was also trying to extort money from a drug cartel. While trying to keep Gertie out of jail, the Swamp 3 help take down the drug ring.

This isn’t the best of the Swamp 3 novels, but it still had moments of hilarity.

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