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Hacked book pdf download for free or read online, also Hacked pdf was written by Lucy Lennox And May Archer.

Lucy Lennox is finally putting her degree in 20th Century English Literature to good use.

She enjoys naps, pizza and hesitation. She has some sarcastic children and is married to someone who is better at math than romance, but who makes her laugh every day and is the best dancer ever.

She stays up very late every night reading M/M romances because she loves a good story.

May is a Boston-based M/M writer. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic kids, finding clever ways to drive her husband crazy, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance novels, and occasionally writing. She also writes MF romances like Maisy Archer.

BookHacked ( Licking Thicket: Horn Of Glory Book 3 )
AuthorLucy Lennox And May Archer
Size1.7 MB

Hacked Book PDF download for free

Hacked Book PDF download for free

Renowned computer security infiltration specialist Jasper Huxley has never encountered a system he can’t hack. Whether your job is accessing a top-secret Pentagon server or altering your high school transcript, you always have a botnet, exploit, or a bit of social engineering to fall back on to get the job done to do. But there are certain things you can’t fix no matter how hard you try.

•Defeat the incredibly endearing, endearingly infuriating Kevin Rogers in the Enchanted Javelin Throw to qualify for the Horn of Glory Conquerors tournament. (Steel.)
• Sharing a house and, even worse, a network with Kev. (Ga.)
• Being forced to allow an untrained, rogue, compelling civilian to participate in a critical intelligence operation. (• Kev with eyes to the side)
• Protecting Champion Security’s system from increasingly sophisticated black hat threats. (Again… Kev.)
•Keep your distance from the man haunting her mind…especially when she finds out Kev is a virgin. (For now.)

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In short, when Kevin Rogers arrives, the safe and peaceful life Hux has built is suddenly and irrevocably…pirated. (And it’s all Kev’s fault.)

Hacked Book Pdf Download

This is the end of the Licking Thicket spin-off series, and it’s the story I wanted from the moment I met her. I’m so happy that i was able to read Hux and Kevin’s story. I said in my review of the last book that there is a kind of magic when Lucy Lennox and May Archer write a book together. Separately their books are wonderful, but usually a collaboration is the next level.

I got everything I wanted, the sarcasm between Hux and Kev, the heat, the tying up of the loose ends of the first book’s story, and all of the glorious puns I’ve come to expect from Thicket’s books. ALL GAMES OF GAMES. There are endless puns on horn and no, I’m not tired of them, they’re lovely.

What I didn’t expect was how sweet Hux and Kev were to each other, they were literally meant to be and it melted my little frozen heart more than once as they all looked at each other with heart eyes. I loved the role reversals from time to time, with Kev being the brave, confident and Hux all vulnerable, and how they just showed that side to each other. Rodrigo is very lucky with his parents. The sexual tension between the two also sizzled on the pages, and apparently I wasn’t the only one just wanting them to get together.

This closes the story of Thicket well, he had everything he wanted and I’m more than happy with the ending (although Vince is still a terrible person).

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Filled to the brim with nerdy greatness, I love Kev and Hux so much! I’ve been looking forward to your book from the start, the way it feels, and to say my expectations were through the roof is no exaggeration. In that sense, this book was great and I’m so pleased to see this totally geeky goofy goodness of a HEA. Given my high expectations, that’s the only reason I think there should be more romance/steam, which I know sounds crazy considering how amazing these writers are.

I felt like I spent too much time talking/devoting to the plot of Horn of Glory with the poster and neglected to laugh out loud like I usually do with these books. This book was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME, my heart just wanted it to be more.

I just found my favorite book in the Licking Thicket: Horn of Glory series by Lucy Lennox and May Archer! Speaking of saving the best for last, blending a tale of enemies to lovers into a romantic suspense series with plenty of wit and humor and just a hint of angst had me dizzy with excitement. Hacked is the story of Jasper Huxley and Kevin Rogers, both tech wizards and masters of HOG (though who’s beating the other is a whole other conversation… and not the dirty kind).

If you’ve been a reader since the beginning, you’ll recall that these two have had the whole rivalry going on for quite some time. Well the wait is over because we finally have her story and she is absolutely gorgeous!

30-year-old Jasper Huxley is Champion Security’s computer security infiltration specialist for a reason. He’s very good at what he does; so of course he doesn’t get very upset when a certain person makes him look bad. 24-year-old Kevin Rogers has earned a reputation for being pretty much the technical genius that he is. While Hux and Kev enjoy teasing each other, they must now work together in a real-world quest to find out who the bad guys are and bring them down. However, neither thought that the person they least expected would break their hearts: each other.

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The excitement folks! Yeh! I loved the back and forth between Hux and Kev because you could see that underneath everything there was a tangible connection to explore. I adored these two together but then sent them away when they crossed paths on the show.

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