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The Promise book pdf download for free or read online, also The Promise pdf was written by Maggie Miller.

Maggie Miller: Leisure time is better spent at the beach, don’t you think?

The beach is my happy place. The sound of the waves is my favorite background music. And the sand between my toes is the best massage I can imagine.

When I’m not at the beach, I write, read, or cook for my family. You know, life.

BookThe Promise
AuthorMaggie Miller ( Compass Key Book 4 )

The Promise Book PDF download for free

The Promise Book PDF download for free

Second chances exist.

Five former sorority sisters, all in their 50s, embark on the adventure of a lifetime when a mysterious invitation brings them together at an exclusive private island resort.

Olivia was the quiet one. Her divorce from her alcoholic husband freed her in many ways, but created a rift with her daughter that seems impossible to mend.

Amanda was the perfect one. Widowed and desperately broke, but she hides it and needs a fresh start more badly than anyone can imagine.

Leigh Ann was the cheerleader. Her ongoing divorce is entirely amicable, or so she would like everyone to believe. The truth is not so rosy.

Grace was the party girl. And still does, to the chagrin of her husband, who is struggling to keep his restaurant running. Grace hopes their time off will give them both the space they feel they need.

Katie was the brain. Now he’s incredibly successful, but he’s hiding secrets that could change his life if they come to light.

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When their beloved housewife invites them on a package vacation and then leaves them with a big surprise, the five friends are faced with an important decision. Will they be able to transcend their past to take advantage of the incredible future that is on offer?

Join them on the journey to Compass Key and find out.

The Promise Book Pdf Download

This book was so good. I feel like each character has life issues with family or just wants to do what’s right for their future. And help the lady who was an influence on every one of them in college. And now they were helping her.

The Promise is my favorite book of this series so far! I love how the author weaves each character’s story together and keeps the reader engaged. You can’t help but to totally fall in the love with each of the characters and root for them. Maggie Miller’s books are easy to read but are by no means lacking in quality or content. I look forward to book 5 when it comes out in a month!

The promise is great because everyone’s plans seem to be coming together. It seems that the five sisters could decide to accept Iris’ offer. She has a stroke, needs surgery and everyone wants to find a way to keep her on the island. Olivia found possible problems with the Mother’s Resort books. what will going to happen now Well written, wonderful characters and concept.

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