Download In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes [PDF] By Stephanie Archer

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In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes book pdf download for free or read online, also In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes pdf was written by Stephanie Archer.

BookIn Your Dreams Holden Rhodes
AuthorStephanie Archer
Size1.2 MB

In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes Book PDF download for free

In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes Book PDF download for free

The deal is simple: he’ll pay my debt if I find him a wife.

Holden Rhodes is sullen, unfairly attractive, and has hated me for years. He is the last person I would inherit an inn with. As we renovate hotel and also practice his dating skills, I really see a whole different side of him.

Am I wrong about Holden?

Add “Friends with Benefits” to the deal, and our chemistry is so intense the sparks could set the inn on fire. Holden is a secret romantic and I’m secretly in love with him.

a video of a bear stealing a toy went viral and then everyone in this small town knows about my business, but also Holden Rhodes is so much more than I expected.

I really don’t want him to find the love with anyone but only me.

A fast paced, moody, sunny, friendly, small town romantic comedy with a HEA. This is Book 3 in the Queen’s Cove series, but it can also be read individually.

In Your Dreams Holden Rhodes Book Pdf Download

The plot is family-themed and you can find out what will happen when you find out that Sadie inherited the inn from her late aunt along with Holden, a boy she never got along with. As a teenager, I always thought Holden was an idiot, but he was actually an awkward teenager hiding a massive crush. Now that they meet as adults, at first she still thinks he’s an idiot and calls him a Sasquatch, but the more time they spend together renovating the inn, the more she likes his kind and caring side.

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He’s that rare kind of Sasquatch that’s into art galleries, and of course she’s got two absolutely perfect eyes, so she can’t ignore how attractive he’s become. But she doesn’t plan on staying in the city forever as she has friends, debt, a job and an apartment in Toronto and insists that whatever they have together is temporary, despite the city and the residents begin to care about them well-being. grow in it. She doesn’t want to get married because she once got engaged to a criminal, which set a bad precedent, but Holden longs for a partner and family life.

I have enjoyed everything I have read by this author and this book is no exception in terms of quality of writing and feel. I liked his crazy building projects and his discussions about art and the camaraderie of the townspeople. This book is a bit longer than his other stories and IMO a bit longer than it should be as I thought some scenes emphasized a point that was already made before. Sadie had her self-esteem and faith in men and in herself destroyed by toxic exes in her past and now believes she can’t paint, pick a good guy, or date a man.

But Holden sets out to heal her of all those misunderstandings. Holden is a lonely and grumpy workaholic, but Sadie helps him smile, laugh, and relax more. She does everything to convince herself that she shouldn’t stay and give Holden a chance, and Holden’s goal is the opposite. He is really good in bed and also wants to take care of her in other ways.

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I was on the Holden team in the last fight. He puts the blame on her shoulders, but he was right about her lack of trust. She punished him for the evil deeds of other men and for the audacity to want to commit, and it was up to her to make amends. Which she finally does.

Series Status: You could read this alone and it would make sense, but Holden’s brothers star in their own stories that were worth reading.
Steam Level: Holden dish out a lot of tactile I-love-you.

If Grumpy x Sun and Forced Proximity are your favorite topics, then this book is for you! We have Holden, a hopeless romantic searching for his person, and then Sadie, a charismatic, fun-loving woman who has given up romance entirely. When Sadie’s aunt dies, she leaves her inn to Holden and Sadie, who never seemed to get along before. Sadie is desperate to return to Toronto, and when Sadie finds out Holden is looking for a wife, she offers him a deal. his half of the end in exchange for finding him a wife.

I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Stephanie Archer has a way of bringing characters to life and making them relatable too. Holden was a breath of fresh air when it comes to grumpy MMC. It was the desperation, romance with just the right amount of melancholy that we love about an MMC. I loved watching Sadie grow through the story and rediscover her faith in love and in herself. This was a beautifully written romance with the right amount of comedy to keep it lighthearted and fun.

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