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Into The Fire book pdf download for free or read online, also Into The Fire pdf was written by Gregg Hurwitz.

GREGG HURWITZ is the New York Times #1 International Bestselling Author of twenty thrillers including OUT OF THE DARK (January 2019). His novels have received numerous literary awards and have been published in thirty languages. In addition, he has written screenplays and television scripts for many major studios and networks. Gregg lives in the Los Angeles with his two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, where he continues to play football and gets injured frequently.

BookInto The Fire
AuthorGregg Hurwitz

Into The Fire Book PDF download for free

Into The Fire Book PDF download for free

Evan Smoak lives by his own code.

He was once known as Orphan X. Trained as an unofficial and whispered government assassin, Evan Smoak was one of the most talented and feared men on the show. But he broke free and reinvented himself as The Nowhere Man, a mysterious character known for helping the truly desperate.

If anyone is truly desperate, it’s Max Merriweather.

Max is at the end of his strength. His cousin was brutally murdered, leaving Max an envelope containing nothing but a mysterious key. However, someone wants this key so badly that Max and everyone he turns to are in mortal danger. What seems like an easy job to The Nowhere Man turns out to be the complete opposite. Behind every threat he eliminates a deadlier one emerges, and Evan Smoak must face greater danger than ever as he ventures back into Into The Fire.

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Into The Fire Book Pdf Download

Into the Fire by Gregg Hurwitz is the fifth book in the riveting Orphan X series. The series follows Evan Smoak, who was taken from an orphanage as a child and raised and trained as an assassin as part of a top-secret covert operation on a government initiative. Smoak eventually breaks free from the program and uses his considerable abilities to slip off the grid, only to emerge as The Nowhere Man, a shadowy figure who has dedicated her life to helping those unable to protect themselves during they are hunted by those who want it. to erase the trace of the Orphan Initiative.

In this book, Smoak contemplates one last job as The Nowhere Man before hanging up his custom-made, forged-aluminum, untraceable ARES 1911 pistol for a more normal life.

His next mission comes in the form of serial loser Max Merriweather, who is burdened with a secret that could be his death. With Max under his wing, Evan soon discovers that a fairly standard mission will pit him against the greatest threat he’s ever faced.

All of the books in this series are fantastic and I have enjoyed them immensely. Book four, Out of the Dark, is an exceptional thriller (on par with Day of the Jackal in my opinion) with so much at stake (and such a powerful opponent) that book five would have a hard time covering it topping Hurwitz cleverly avoids this by leading Evan in a slightly different direction, one where the consequences of failure are more personal than ever.

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Following the relentless pace of Out of the Dark, Into the Fire is a reboot of sorts, with a story that turns into a full-blown avalanche, threatening to destroy Evan and everything that stands for his chance at normal life.

Once again, Hurwitz ties the reader to Smoak’s side as he throws him into the flames to face his deadliest challenge yet.

Clear your schedule for the day, Into the Fire will have you hooked from the start and I guarantee the ending will blow your mind.

Into the Fire is incredibly entertaining and sees Evan Smoak through a whole new lens. Following a series of personal missions for Orphan X, Into the Fire focuses on The Nowhere Man, who embarks on a seemingly never-ending mission to protect an innocent whose dilemmas force Evan to think about himself as he tries to live the dangerous and violent life to leave behind that.

Into the Fire showcases Evan Smoak’s deadly talents in a wealth of excellent action sequences and gunfights, with the necessary combat movement and weapon details that make it extremely easy for the reader to envision the action sequences in their full glory. To make things challenging for Evan, he is exposed to dangers in a whole new way that readers haven’t seen in Evan Smoak’s previous thrillers. This makes for harrowing read as Evan takes on seemingly impossible tasks and tries to stay sane to survive harsh and brutal conditions.

“Into the Fire” is primarily a personal journey for Evan Smoak as he finally comes to terms with his desire to have a calm and communal warmth in his life that he can’t live with as The Nowhere Man Gregg Hurwitz does an excellent job , by mirroring Evan’s own confusion in the innocents he helps in this book, a man who shows Evan the importance of not living with regret for a life of solitude. To top it off, the ending brings an unexpected plot twist that drastically changes Evan’s life, something I hope will be explored in the next novel.

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A unique element of this book was how the plot goes further and further down the rabbit hole each time Evan completes his task and feels like he has accomplished his mission. Even readers will start to think the villains are solved, until a new twist comes along and puts things in perspective, that the problems are far from solved. That made reading even more exciting for me.

All in all, Into the Fire is one of the best thrillers of 2020 and should not be missed by any action thriller fan. I was totally amused.

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