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Stone Princess book pdf download for free or read online, also Stone Princess pdf was written by Devney Perry.

Devney is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. Born and raised in Montana, she loves writing books set in her beloved home state. After working in the tech industry for nearly a decade, she gave up conference calls and project plans to enjoy a slower pace at home with her family. Writing one book, let alone many, was nothing she had expected. But now that she discovered her true passion for writing romance novels, she has no intention of ever stopping.

BookStone Princess
AuthorDevney Perry
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Stone Princess Book PDF download for free

Stone Princess Book PDF download for free

Presley Marks has just become a cliché: the abandoned girlfriend. Standing in front of her friends and family in a white dress, she announces that her fiancé, according to his text, has forgotten about the wedding.

Humiliated and angry, she hides from the whole world in the mundane routine of her life. Working in the Clifton Forge garage isn’t glamorous, but it’s sheltered from the limelight.

At least it was until Shaw Valance came to town.

The notorious Hollywood actor stars in a movie based on the town’s infamous murder. When he’s not on set, Shaw hangs around the garage watching them build his custom motorcycle and irritating them with his cute smile. He should leave once he’s done filming and go back to his fancy life, not buy the house next door.

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But Shaw may regret that purchase once Presley’s ex-fiancée returns, sparking a war between old rivals that could burn both houses down.

Stone Princess Book Pdf Download

Stone Princess is the third book in Devney Perry’s Tin Gypsy series and if you love MC/small town romance then this book is for you.

The book is about Presley, the clerk at the Clifton Forge Garage. You find out that Jeremiah, her biker friend of hers, good for her, left her on her wedding day. Presley is devastated and feels like an idiot for trusting the one man all of her friends have been warning her about. But Presley is resilient, she’s been through too much already to let this fester, so she’s doing what she has to do, forcing herself to get up and get back to normal.

But when Shaw Valance, a hottie turned producer turned actor, came to Clifton Forge to work on Dark Paradise, the movie about the murder of Presley’s mother’s friend, she was protective and determined to keep him at bay.

Presley fears the film lacks authenticity and reflects poorly on her beloved boss, Draven. She can’t stand the thought of her, since he was like a father to her, so what he wants most from her is to hate Shaw. But she and Dash see it as an opportunity to learn more, to try to unravel the inner workings of the movie, and Presley is determined to be the one to find the answers.

Shaw has a crush on Presley from the start. She’s unlike any woman he’s ever met, and he can’t understand why she keeps saying “no” to him. But will he be able to woo her enough to turn that no into a yes?

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A beautiful story that continues the drama of my favorite motorcycle club. The characters are lovable and Shaw and Presley’s romance is on fire.

This is the story of Presley Marks, the struggling Clifton Forge garage receptionist whose background is little known. Betrothed to Jeremiah (but he had refused to buy a ring that should have been a warning), now sadly preparing to marry him in the backyard of the forges, though she will not have the choice of whom she will marry at the altar. because he is no longer with us.

After all the recent drama and heartbreak, everyone is looking for something positive and a secure future. Although the Dash boys, Emmett, Leo and Isaiah have warned them that Jeremiah is no good for them, things are a little more complicated now that he is a member of a rival MC gang. However, that is the least of her problems, as she is ready to walk down the aisle on her wedding day to find out that her boyfriend is not coming because she forgot it was her wedding day. she.

Her hurt and humiliated friends flock to help her through this, but more upheaval looms when a film crew invades the sleepy town to turn the murder of Genevieve’s mother into a movie. The role of Marcus, the stooped police chief, is played by handsome and handsome actor Shaw Valance, who wastes no time letting Presley know that he is interested in her.

Just like in the previous books, there’s a lot going on, but we get Presley’s story in the entirety of it and how she worked at the Clifton ForgeGarage at the tender age of 18 and how Draven and the Tin Gypsies who worked there protected her. . We also get Shaw’s backstory, though not as scary as Presley’s, but he certainly has some issues with his father.

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After years of violent abuse, we discover how Jeremiah ended up dead and how he is connected to his twin sister, who would make the journey to freedom with Presley all those years ago. When her sister shows up at her house, it’s not long before they find themselves in a very dangerous situation. The question is, can Shaw, along with Dash and his siblings, get to Presley and his sister in time?

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