Download Lethal Game [PDF] By Christine Feehan

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Lethal Game book pdf download for free or read online, also Lethal Game pdf was written by Christine Feehan.

BookLethal Game
AuthorChristine Feehan
Size1 MB

Lethal Game Book PDF download for free

Lethal Game Book PDF download for free

When Malichai Fortunes attacks a problem, he does so in full force, a habit that earns GhostWalker a painful wound and a forced vacation from San Diego, California. With nothing but physical therapy on the horizon, Malichai begins to fidget…until a striking blue-eyed blonde awakens all her senses.

Kind and affectionate, Amaryllis sees through Malichai’s tough exterior, but he can tell that she is hiding something from her. Her innate healing abilities indicate that she could be a GhostWalker, albeit untrained. Malichai doesn’t think it’s more than a coincidence that her paths have crossed, but she can see that one wrong word could make Amaryllis work.

When strange events in her temporary retreat put Malichai on high alert, she knows she won’t be able to deal with the threat and protect her wife in her weakened state. But calling her brothers means telling Amaryllis what she really is and revealing that he knows the truth about them too. …

Lethal Game Book Pdf Download

Mrs. Feehan proved me a master of romance and the paranormal a long time ago, but I feel I must add emotion to the list. Lethal Game really has an edge of your seat energy woven through it. It feels like waiting for the other shoe to drop, even while you’re immersed in hilarious and witty banter and building trust and love between the main characters. A brilliant building full of discoveries and surprises beyond the obvious. This story grabs your heart in chapter one and draws you into Malichai’s future path with each page.

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One of the brave members of the GhostWalker Team 4 Pararescue who volunteered with his siblings to be rescued by Dr. Whitney to be genetically enhanced. He lives his life through the strength of character and generous heart that he developed through the decisions he made on the streets of Chicago long before he entered the GW show.

They grew stronger as he joined his chosen family in the swamp. He now risks his life to protect those on the front lines, including the innocent and the victims. He puts other lives ahead of his own and it’s a natural reaction for him. The only dream of his that he believes is elusive is to find his mate, his angel. Him until he gets injured and goes to a B&B chosen by a girl to recover. Here he meets amaryllis. The one he was looking for. But why is she there? and so many other questions arise when finding it. And the nagging feeling that something is wrong.

Amaryllis, one of the Whitney orphans, was told that she didn’t fit in with society, that no one loved her, that she was disposable, and that her life only made sense through horrific experiments designed to discover what could improve the soldiers of elite.

Being an assassin protecting her secrets. Intelligent and observant, she had a strong survival instinct for herself and for others. She discovered that the abilities she had developed from her led her from the path of assassins to the path of breeding and worse death, and she escaped from Whitney. He had learned not to trust the moment, but to observe and evaluate… when the tall, tough-looking man appeared, he found refuge in the B&B with the family who gave him a place that piqued his interest, which was exactly what he wanted. does. your.

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I love the way Christine develops her relationship, the real courtship and the solving of mysteries. Using examples involving couples and other occurrences, she shows that pheromones and DNA pairing do not guarantee love. Much more is needed. They learn to trust and open up to each other, and love builds a strong and lasting bond between them.

It’s not just the words spoken, but the way they treat each other, people they know and people they don’t know. And how all these people treat her. There are really some sweet and touching moments that will make you gasp, how could you not love Malichai? Amaryllis begins to recognize Maichai as her own. She opens up to a sense of belonging and purpose that she has never felt before on the team.

All of this is woven through the warning bells ringing in Maichai’s mind as they try to figure out if it’s for him, his loved ones, or something catastrophic that could threaten thousands. The Storyline slowly and beautifully unravels the dangers and worries with the help of her team. Malichai, true to himself, acts to gather information and protect himself, even at great cost to himself. It all culminates when Maichai must not only face his greatest fear, but must go through it to save innocent lives.

He is even stronger knowing that he has a partner in life no matter what and the love and support of family that give him the determination that he can overcome anything. He really is one of Mrs. Feehan’s strongest characters and Amaryllis is shaping up to be the perfect match for him.
As usual, The Action and Romance are perfectly balanced for the story and planted the seeds for future books, for the other teams as well. And Whitney is still one of the most diabolical villains I’ve ever read!

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