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Levi book pdf download for free or read online, also Levi pdf was written by Brynne Asher.

AuthorBrynne Asher
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Levi Book PDF download for free

Levi Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Brynne Asher…

Life and death… they have a way of smearing fairy tales in the ugliest way.

You know those sugary romances where the new girl moves to a small town, falls in love with the most popular boy in school, and they live happily ever after?

I wish my story was that simple.

Levi Hollingsworth is the most popular boy in school. He is stoic, mysterious and distant. A man among boys. Demand attention wherever you go, whether you want it or not. And he doesn’t want it.

The brooding grump doesn’t want anything to do with anyone. Especially me, the new girl who’s failing chemistry.

And Levi is my new tutor.

He doesn’t know, my grades are the least of my problems. Being forced to move to Virginia has a lot to do with dirty politics, sex scandals and cold cases.

I thought my life was complicated when I ended up in the Commonwealth and was forced to live with my horrible grandmother.

But if the boy wants the girl, he will do anything to make her his.

I just hope I don’t take Levi with me.

Levi is part of the Coming Home series…

Levi Book Pdf Download

While this story stands entirely on its own and can be enjoyed as such, I recommend reading Gifts first. Gifts is the story of Levi’s father, Asa, who finds his own HEA. The Killers series is one of my favorites. ?

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Now to this story! It’s full of humor and intrigue, friendship and family, choices and, most importantly, love. Carissa and Levi have an instant bond that continues to build throughout their story. The love and support you give each other when life gets a little intense is very well written too!

I also love the supporting characters, the Homies, Cade, Mason, Jack as they add a great deal of humor and even more intrigue to the story. There is also Louise who we love so much! And the mysteries that unfold… Phew!

There are so many things I want to say, but everything else feels like a spoiler and I want you to find out for yourself. Be sure to discover this story and these characters. Fell in love!!

This was a very good book. Levi is a standalone book set in the world of the Killers series. This is the story of Levi and Carissa. I didn’t read the blurb very carefully, and while I knew this was a second-generation book in which Levi was Asa’s son (the gifts hero), I didn’t realize he was still in high school, as the book unfolded. . But the characters felt mature and there wasn’t much silly, underdeveloped high school drama.

After her father-in-law became involved in a scandal, Carissa moved to town with her twin brother to stay with their grandmother until the scandal is cleared up. She is starting her third year at the local high school, but her grades have plummeted due to her family drama. As a senior, Levi is a best-of-year shoe, a star lacrosse player, and a popular and popular boy with a lonely side.

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He’s had a disastrous relationship in the past, so after that he kept to himself and focused on grades. When Levi is assigned to tutor Carissa to help improve her grades, sparks fly between them. They form a relationship and, along with an unlikely group of friends, delve deeper into the mystery of Carissa’s political scandal and her family’s past.

It was a good story with great characters. I really liked Carissa and Levi. They were a good couple and despite their young age, they were definitely “it” for each other. I enjoyed their slow burn romance that was sweet and sexy with dread of getting out of this relationship. I also liked the mysterious and exciting plot. Also, I liked Carissa’s brother and his group of friends. I would love to see them grow a little bit more and have their own books.

Overall, Levi was a good, light, and enjoyable read. It has the same feel as the Killers series books with good suspense and sweet and spicy romance. I look forward to seeing how Ms. Asher handles this and what she comes up with next!

Oh dear God! All feelings in this book. I’ve been part of Brynne Asher’s beauty group on Facebook for some time and as she neared or finished writing this book. I remember her saying, “This is the book you didn’t know you needed.” she was perfect. freak out! This book was so good.

Very well written Brynne is so talented this book gives you funny one liners of the supporting characters you love and look forward to crossing your fingers and toes hoping they get a story that lives up to the tension and slowness. burns a love story that melts you on the spot.
Levi and Carissa are so cute together. Levi is just like his father! All that soft and sticky feeling ?.
Carissa, oh, that girl! She’s a badass slut like all her female characters!

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