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Lie To Her book pdf download for free or read online, also Lie To Her pdf was written by Melinda Leigh.

BookLie To Her
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Lie To Her Book PDF download for free

Lie To Her Book PDF download for free

Lie To Her book started out a little slow for me. The investigation seemed longer than in the other books in this series. But as the story went on, it definitely got more intense. One thing I love about this show is the constant development of Matt and Bree’s relationship. It’s not a quick crush relationship, getting married a month later.

Bree has adjusted to her role as sheriff and guardian to her niece and nephew. All of her relationships have grown, with her brother, with Matt and with her people. I always love that in addition to Bree and Matt’s point of view, we also show the killer’s point of view throughout the book before you, the reader, know who he is.

Lie To Her Pdf Download

This case was pretty complicated and there was so much going on that the killer could have been any of the lying suspects. When one drowned man becomes two, Matt and Bree know there’s been a clear escalation. As Bree and Matt investigate, the killer grows bolder and once they reveal themselves, the book becomes extremely intense. With the addition of the snakes, there was definitely a creepy factor for me.

Overall this was a good and entertaining read. I love all these characters after reading the series in order. I love each new layer of Matt and Bree’s relationship that is slowly removed with each book. Their devotion to each other is evident and they work well together. I can’t wait for your next case!

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I am a huge fan of this series and Lie to Her from her was another winner for me from this author. The story was told from Bree and Matt’s point of view, with occasional episodes from The Killer (which I loved). As usual in this series, the strong characters reinforced a great plot. Bree and Matt were once again stellar, both as individuals and as a couple in a working and personal relationship. The author leigh continues to make Bree a really memorable character for me.

Her sheriff’s willpower that she must constantly juggle political garbage for the greater good while she tries to maintain a sense of normalcy for her family makes her likable and down-to-earth. Matt is the perfect match for her and I love how their relationship continues to develop. Quick note: if you haven’t read any of the other books in this series, you can read this one as a stand-alone book, as there are brief summaries here and there to fill you in on important backstories, but it’s a great series that I personally loved. from the beginning to get a better sense of the characters, the town, and the nature of Bree’s role as sheriff.

The author took a small step back from family drama for Lie To Her book, which I enjoyed, leaving more room to focus on the gruesome murders taking place in the city. When a man is found dead with his face wrapped in plastic wrap until he suffocates, you know the investigation is going to rock. The level of suspense in this book was solid and once I started I didn’t put it down (I always find myself delaying the start of books in this series for a few days after publication because I know that’s what happens as soon as I start, and it was over before I knew it).

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There was just the right amount of action and intrigue to keep me turning the pages, and a possible serial killer on the loose is always a great read. And snakes too. Holy shit. While I found the direction of the plot fairly predictable, one of the decisions at a critical moment was out of character for a key player (which is why I deducted a half star) and the list of suspects is too short for big surprises, here and there. there was a clean twist. Anyway, the writing, the characters, and the case itself were so well done that I was hooked.

So once again, Bree and her team managed to knock it out of the park for me. I love the characters, including second rate ones like Todd, and the somewhat rural setting always encourages suspense and intrigue. The worst thing about these books is waiting for the next one.

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