Download The House At The End Of The World [PDF] By Dean Koontz

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The House At The End Of The World book pdf download for free or read online, also The House At The End Of The World pdf was written by Dean Koontz.

BookThe House At The End Of The World
AuthorDean Koontz
Size4.2 MB

The House At The End Of The World Book PDF download for free

The House At The End Of The World Book PDF download for free

Yes, some books and novels are better than some Koontz. However, it takes a master storyteller to fully set the scene and keep you hooked for the first 10 pages. [I give you a 50-100 page book to convince – steal some of my precious free time]. His description of the house on the island was spot on. I could imagine every nook and cranny.

Before investing in my protagonist, I need to know his environment, what is important to him, what motivates him, if this is a journey I want to take with him. Koontz does this better than anyone. Of course, he contains an intelligent animal and an otherworldly point of view, neither of which I need, but they have become his trademark. I have read all of his books except the “weird” series. The Jane Hawk series is my favorite.

The House At The End Of The World Pdf Download

This new offering from author Dean Koontz seems to be 2 books in one. Two-thirds of the book takes place on a unique island inhabited only by Katie. Katie has been living in her home little by little and isolated from her for about 2 years, trying to find a reason to move on ever since she lost her parents and daughters in a shooting and her husband in a mysterious death. A nearby island with an unknown purpose suddenly catches Katie’s attention, and the ensuing activities change her life forever.

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The last third of the book takes place off the island as Katie continues to search for a reason to live. As usual, Koontz’s writing contains lengthy distractions from the plot, lengthy descriptions of people and places, heavy use of similes and metaphors, and outright distrust of the government and its employees. The author has created a very likeable character in Katie who is strong, smart, brave and extremely capable, reminding me of the author’s beloved Jane Hawk character. Although I am a Golden Retriever lover, I enjoyed the author’s unique creation of four-legged companion Michael J. Fox rather than the author’s usual choice for a Golden Retriever.

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