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Luca book pdf download for free or read online, also Luca pdf was written by Eva Winners.

AuthorEva Winners
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Luca Book PDF download for free

Luca Book PDF download for free

Luca King.
The notorious playboy.
A master of one night stands.
My constant shadow

Wherever she went, he was always there. Until it wasn’t. One wild night at a costume party was all it took. I got pregnant, broke my engagement and abandoned my family.

The worst part.

I had no idea who my baby’s father was. I only had one clue. A Prince Albert piercing. Not exactly a smoking gun.

Luca Pdf Download

My parents disowned me after I refused to marry the prospects they presented. It wasn’t my fault that I got shy. The last 4 men that I met ended up dead. It was safer to have this baby alone.

Our world was dangerous. And without the protection of the my family… I was running out of the time.

So he left me no choice but to disappear and leave no trace of where I went.

That was until Luca King found me at my lowest point.

Maybe I should have tried harder to hide because that would surely be my destruction.

I absolutely loved this super original twist on a secret baby trope! Margaret Callahan feels like she’s been constantly avoiding Luca King for years. He embodies everything she can’t stand. Egotistical. Playboy. Constant reminder of the fact that his father had killed hers. After a one-night stand after a masquerade ball in Las Vegas, she becomes pregnant without finding her baby’s father. She has no idea that Luca King knowingly sought her out at the masquerade and now knows she is pregnant with his baby. So it’s like a secret from her ♀️ ??. Meanwhile, all the men her brother wants her to marry die mysteriously hahaha.

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Eva Winners blew my mind with this one. Awesome fracking! Luca was obsessed hahaha. Lurking lifeless ?. Keep up to date with your reading of “What to Expect When You’re Expecting It.” He was a very busy man hahaha. Margaret was a little crazy lol. Impulsive, demanding, flirtatious, a little moody and unwilling to take shit from ANYONE. She definitely liked doing a show, but she kept her vulnerabilities under wraps. Plenty of trauma for both of them to undo and the kind of secrets that can kill.

These two had crazy chemistry the whole time and almost set my Kindle on fire ???. Seriously one of my favorite books in the series and that says a lot for a series that has been on point all along. Really sad to see the conclusion of Belles and Mobsters but I know it won’t be the last we see our favorite characters. So many breadcrumbs for the next gen 🙂 Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Luca is the seventh book in the Belles and Mobsters series by Eva Winners and can be read on its own but is most enjoyable when read in order. And to be honest, the books are so good that you don’t want to miss any of them ??‍♀️. It is told in the first person from a double perspective.

Luca… what a bittersweet end to this series. Eva Winners has given us a gangster world we will never forget and characters we will truly miss.

Luca King was definitely a joker. His past hardened him. He played hard. But he had a weakness, Margaret Callahan. And she played just as hard. She fit the bill perfectly. Both came from underworld, and both knew the score. However, they both find secrets.

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Margaret had been something of a farmer. Luca knew he had to play to win and he refused to lose. Their lives were intertwined. And then one night led to an outcome neither of them expected, but which they would both protect at all costs.

Luca was much more than I expected. While he was a force in his business world, he was an absolute warrior when it came to his family. His protective side brought out his human side, the real man. Margaret was just as determined to protect her family. So much so that a personal fight broke out between her and Luca. Will her love find her way back or has she lost too much?

And we see more of our beloved characters/families. This series was amazing. Excited for the next trip.


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