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Souls And Sorrows book pdf download for free or read online, also Souls And Sorrows pdf was written by Sav R. Miller.

BookSouls And Sorrows
AuthorSav R. Miller
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Souls And Sorrows Book PDF download for free

Souls And Sorrows Book PDF download for free

Nobody asked him to intervene.
I had everything under control, but once I got on stage there was no stopping me.
The men eyed and touched me as I offered my body and soul to the highest bidder, realizing my stranger didn’t like what he was seeing.
Or maybe yes.
Maybe he liked it too much and that’s why his number shot up.

A quarter billion dollars and an existential crisis later, Cash Primrose dragged me down the aisle in the name of expediency.
I think it could be worse.

Souls And Sorrows Pdf Download

My new husband really treats me as an equal, which is more than most women in my world get.
Still, I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall.
For the animal that hides except in the middle of the night to show its true colors.

I’m waiting for the monster that my mother always promised.
But maybe that monster is me.

Souls and Sorrows book is a dark romance inspired by the myth of the Eros and Psyche. Contains material not appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Ariana is the sister of Elena from Promises & Pomegranates. This story takes a little more of her backstory as sisters with a horrible mother and a doomed father. Ariana is young and engaged to a guy who is cheating on her left and right.

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Cash, our main attraction, is the bespectacled brother of Lenny, our heroine from Oaths and Omissions. He is a lawyer and has a twin brother. He has more power than he lets on.

Together, Ariana and Cash make a very interesting couple…

Sav R. Miller writes very consistently. She’s creative with her racy dialogue and scenes and offers us something different with Cash and Ariana. Ariana is Cash’s aggressor. To his lioness, he is nothing more than the gazelle, and she is ready to bring him down at any opportunity. I love stories with aggressive women, it makes me feel validated.

Sav is very good at taking us back to a universe and helping us visualize character interactions, landscapes, and giving us a timeline of events for our characters. And at every step I can picture them all so clearly and I love it when writing gives me such clear images.

I have one complaint with the series in general:
I’m ready to see what else Sav can come up with that isn’t in this universe. She has the ability to go very dark like she showed us in the King’s Trace Antiheroes series and she can go lighter and I’d love to see her go back to those really dark roots and give us more blood and gore . …and characters with bones in their closet (if you know, you know).

All in all, if you’re looking for a series that has its dark moments but can also turn on the sun, Monsters & Muses ticks all the right boxes.

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This book!!! I can’t be shot for even a minute. I loved a lot of the older character appearances. So I wanted to cry, scream and throw things.

My heart broke for Ariana and everything she had to endure. The fact that he had so many against him but so few who really cared. She was a lot tougher than you think.

Cash, dear Cash, let’s start with man, oh man, can you give me a break? He always tried to be one step ahead, but he turned around. These two were a nightmare in the making but ended up creating something absolutely amazing!


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