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The Edge book pdf download for free or read online, also The Edge pdf was written by Catherine Coulter.

BookThe Edge
AuthorCatherine Coulter
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The Edge Book PDF download for free

The Edge Book PDF download for free

When Mac arrives in Portland, Jilly has woken up from the coma she’s been in for four days. But after a few hours with her brother, she disappears without a trace. While searching for her, Mac hears a different story from everyone he knows. When the local sheriff enlists his help in solving the mysterious murder of an elderly resident, Mac doesn’t realize it’s connected to the disappearance of his sister. FBI agents Lace Sherlock and Dillon Savich (last seen in The Target) ride shotguns with Mac.

Unsure who to trust and who to suspect, they must escape relentless pursuers before unearthing the tentacles of evil that are undermining The Edge.

The Edge Book Pdf Download

The Edge of Catherine Coulter
Coulter seems to have a formula that works. She takes a friend of Savich and Sherlock’s, Mac, and plunges into a dire situation, make him fight, and then come and join the rescue. In this case, Mac leaves a hospital bed to save his troubled sister.

Mac is a likeable character and although the story has a formulaic feel to it, I found it entertaining. Money and drugs seem to be inextricably linked in our society. Unfortunately, my cynicism about Big Pharma makes me skeptical that they will stop any research that seems profitable regardless of ethics.
There is a lot of action and even some love in the book.
I enjoyed it and have more Coulter in my stack to read.

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Description: FBI agent Ford MacDougal recovers from a car bomb and experiences the sensation of drowning. The next morning, he learns that her sister Jilly is in a coma after driving her car off a cliff by the Oregon ocean. When Jilly wakes up and disappears, Ford begins to follow leads. Strong language, violence and explicit descriptions of sex. Best seller.

This is, I believe, a Harlequin novel, and as I read it it occurred to me that the Harlequin novels had certainly grown since I was introduced to them as a teenager. If this series is an example of the quality of what they are producing now, they have also matured.

Yes, the romantic elements are omnipresent in this book. Everyone seems to be involved with someone, and these entanglements, both positive and destructive, are lovingly covered in detail by the author, but the romantic elements don’t detract from the story because the author is skilful enough to weave them into her own. main plot. and make them appear as natural developments of that plot.

But this is also a thriller, and this is where the author shines. We are transported from a small town in Washington State to a tropical jungle in Costa Rica, and along the way the characters (most of whom are very well drawn) face more dangers than life as a whole should. However, the characters have the skills to handle them, and what they do is usually believable both in the context of the story and in terms of human capabilities.

After reading the rest of the series, I thought this one was great. I enjoyed the change from normal romance to mystery/detective. I bought this book the day it came out and finished reading it at night before bed. Since I can’t normally read in the first person, I struggled with this book. He made me guess and I was excited to find out what really happened to the sister. I highly recommend this book or others by this author.

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