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Murder In Highgate book pdf download for free or read online, also Murder In Highgate pdf was written by Irina Shapiro.

BookMurder In Highgate
AuthorIrina Shapiro
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Murder In Highgate Book PDF download for free

Murder In Highgate Book PDF download for free

When a young man is found hanged in the Ashford family tomb, Redmond and Haze assume the man has fallen out with the noble family and paid the price with his life. Once they identify the remains, they not only discover the victim’s shocking secrets, but also that the young man had an unexpected connection to Jason.

With few leads and no apparent motive for the murder, will Redmond and Haze solve the case before the killer takes another life?

Murder In Highgate Book Pdf Download

Redmond and Haze are called to a London cemetery to investigate the death of a young man hanged in a mausoleum. From there we take a tour of the beliefs and attitudes of the nineteenth century. In particular, the norms, laws and judgments that affect women and how they should think and act and that they had better “stay their way”. Women should want to get married.

You must want children. They must want a man to guide them and tell them how to feel and think. Any woman who wants to live in a “man’s world” is not natural and she should be scolded and belittled. Daniel thinks that her little girl should grow up to get married and have children. Jason wants much more for his daughter. He wants her to be what she wants.

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This book gives the reader a lot to think about. Although Jason had hoped for much better in the 19th century, we haven’t gotten there yet. There are still plenty of men and (unfortunately) women who still think that women should “stay on the road.” I think this book is Irina Shapiro’s best so far. I read it in one sitting, pausing only long enough to make myself a cup of tea. The murder was fascinating, complicated and unexpected.

The first clue was pretty easy to guess, but I think it should be. From then on, I didn’t solve the mystery until Redmond and Haze did it at the same time. For me, the saddest part was the treatment of women at the time, whether highborn or lowborn. Especially if you were lowborn, you could be left destitute and homeless overnight. Women were just property and didn’t matter.

They could only be of value if they stayed the course, became a dutiful and obedient wife, and had as many children as the husband wanted. Unless a woman dreamed of getting married and having a mother, she didn’t have much to look forward to. And in this book everything comes to light with the murder of a young man in a cemetery mausoleum.

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