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The Wehrwolf book pdf download for free or read online, also The Wehrwolf pdf was written by Alma Katsu.

BookThe Wehrwolf
AuthorAlma Katsu
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The Wehrwolf Book PDF download for free

The Wehrwolf Book PDF download for free

Alma Katsu, the visionary author of The Fervor, The Hunger, and The Deep, brings readers a chilling short story about monsters among humans and the fine lines that separate them.

Germany, 1945. In the last days of World War II, the Nazis were almost defeated. Uwe Fuchs, never a combatant, feels lucky to have avoided the front lines while caring for his widowed mother.

But Uwe’s fate changes when Hans Sauer, the village thug, recruits him to join a guerrilla resistance unit preparing for the arrival of Allied soldiers. At first, Uwe is cautious. The war is lost and Hans is rumored to be a deserter. But Hans lures him into talking about power, brutality, and the old tradition of his village: werewolves.

Uwe reluctantly joins the pack and soon witnesses his amazing transformation. But when the men’s rampage against enemy soldiers takes a devastatingly personal turn, Uwe not only has to confront his role in his evil deeds, but also his own humanity. Will he be able to reclaim what this group of predatory men stole from him?

Or was he a monster all along?

The Wehrwolf Book Pdf Download

Alma Katsu’s “The Wehrwolf” is a must read for Fall 2022.

Don’t let the title discourage you from reading this novel. I guarantee you it’s not like any werewolf story you’ve ever read before.

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Alma Katsu chose to set the story in Germany at the end of World War II. Choosing this moment in world history as the setting for her story was nothing short of inspiring.

Rarely have I come across books that focus on the lives of ordinary German citizens at the time, most of whom had no say in the decisions of the country’s government and did not want to participate in the hatred and genocide.

The main character is Uwe Fuchs, a simple man, a good man. A man who loves his family more than anything. The question is not what he will do to protect the family from him, but what he will not do. I think we can all relate to that.

The werewolf held me captive. Once started, this story cannot be put down.

The characters are so real, you’ll wonder if the author somehow went back in time to observe them firsthand.

Alma Katsu’s early career with the CIA and NSA has given her a perspective that we mere mortals could never fathom. He knows evil and he knows people: their motivations, their fears, their souls. He probably knows people better than they know themselves. It is this intense knowledge that drew me to his story.

This short story begins in Germany in 1945 as the Allies advance through Germany. The author mixes German legends about werewolves and a genuine attempt to mobilize German citizens for resistance groups that would operate behind enemy lines. This effort was called Operation Werewolf. The result is a fascinating and moving short story about man’s conflict and the consequences of his choices.

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Reading this story for the main story alone, the colloquial answer would probably be meh. I found an interesting fact. I delved a bit deeper into the werewolf transformation method used in this tale as it seemed to ease the plot too much and I hadn’t seen or read it before. I looked it up and its use was first recorded in an actual case in the late 16th century! So my knowledge about werewolves was expanded by reading this story.

I don’t judge the stories by the main plot but by the quality of the B and C plots. Uwe, the main character, is well developed with his personality and values ​​by the family and the country. He agrees to join the local resistance group, but he must first be initiated. When he discovers that he is now a werewolf, the internal conflict begins and progresses between his disgust for what he is and the excitement of the changes in his body, even in human form. Reading the inner conflict and how it affected Uwe as a human and as a werewolf caught my attention and stayed until the end where Uwe finally solves this problem.

First of all, there is no vulgar word for the aspects that some readers find offensive. Rude and ungodly words can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are no intimate scenes. There are some descriptions of werewolf attacks that stem from Uwe’s thoughts and the results of these attacks. So, readers be warned.

The new aspects of the werewolf lore and the excellent portrayal of Uwe’s inner conflict were the main reasons I really enjoyed reading this tale. Although I liked the ending, it also made me sad. This is the first work by this author that I have read. I’ll have to see if I continue reading based on the description of the work, but I still recommend reading this story for the aspects I just mentioned above. I give this story a five star rating.

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