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Naomi book pdf download for free or read online, also Naomi pdf was written by Tasha Black.

AuthorTasha Black
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Naomi Book PDF download for free

Naomi Book PDF download for free

He’s a bodyguard who is mistaken for a billionaire, and she has a secret of her own.

Bodyguard Gage Zeyr’n has been rewarded for a job well done by his billionaire boss. He and his canine companion face an all-inclusive week at the lavish Midsummer Fertility Center, with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Gage to conceive a child with the help of a Terran surrogate.

Naomi Peterson has a difficult life, but the opportunity to be a surrogate could change things. Her plan is quite simple: get out of town before the evil company she works for finds out that she’s a whistleblower.

She gives birth to a baby for a stranger whose semen will awaken her barren womb. Return home with enough credits to start over. And finally have the family you long for.

But neither Gage nor Naomi could have foreseen their instant and profound attraction. Or how hard really they will try to resist it.

After all, she figures that if he can afford a week at the center, he must be another corrupt billionaire like the greedy monsters at her company.

And when he hears where he works, he knows he’s a heartless corporate shark.

Only Oberon, the powerful AI and secret matchmaker, could hope to make her fall in love. And since they’ll be stuck in their version of paradise for a week, he’ll do whatever it takes to convince these two reluctant lovers (and a feral dog) that they’re family.

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Naomi Book Pdf Download

I have had the pleasure of reading and reviewing all of Surrogate Agency’s previous books and have enjoyed every single one of them, the writing style is simply wonderful. The characters in this book are Naomi, who has repeatedly tried to have a baby artificially, unfortunately all attempts have failed. She was told about the surrogacy agency and contacted them hoping that she might be accepted.

Gage is a security specialist who has been working with his canine companion Athena who recently stopped an attempted kidnapping of two young children and now Gage has had the opportunity to start a family of his own, he has had the chance to take part in The Midsummer. Center where you would have the opportunity to have a child with a surrogate mother.

Gage had been surprised by Naomi, he had felt more than an attraction to his child’s mother-to-be and yet, despite his partner Athena’s back being turned, it quickly became apparent that she was in fact his partner. . If I explain this to a Terran woman, I don’t know what she would say, would she consider becoming his “destined mate” for life, or would she ignore the ramifications of such an important event?

As the two get to know each other and become physically closer, Gage is shocked that her partner is actually innocent, and as they begin to pursue the intimate path, she learns all about the mating mania and all that accompanies this phenomenon.

I guarantee you will love this story and be blown away by the implications and the love that Oberon, the AI ​​in charge of the Summer Center establishment and all the hope and joy he has brought into the lives of those who dream. one day a family of my own.

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An entertaining and entertaining read. Although this book is part of a series, it can easily be read on its own; However, reading the previous books in the series will give you a better understanding of Oberon’s matchmaking abilities.

Naomi hopes that surrogacy will restore her fertility and enable her to become a mother. While at the Summer Fertility Clinic, she worries when she meets the father-to-be she’s supposed to be a surrogate for when he arrives in an extremely expensive suit and talks about flying across the galaxy for work. She thinks he’s a billionaire businessman and in her experience they were selfish snobs.

Gage is actually a retired bodyguard who, after rescuing his employer’s children, was handsomely rewarded with a visit to the clinic for a chance to start a family of his own.

False assumptions do not lessen the attraction between them, and when unexpected danger arises, they are both impressed by the other’s reaction.

Overall, this is an entertaining book in an entertaining series with a sweet HEA.

Are you ready for the latest and new must-read from the amazing Tasha Black? NAOMI: Alien Surrogate Agency is the fantastic fourth read that hooked me from the start with the magical words, relatable characters and clever dialogue, as well as the torrid romance and chemistry between h/H, Naomi and Gage and kept me hooked , taped to my seat for the end of HEA wanted ;)…Although I volunteered to read this ahead of Kindle release day, it was unbiased and I can honestly recommend it to adult fiction fans ! Now, as always, I can’t wait to get my hands on the next part, but of course I always wait 😉

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